First Do No P(harm)acy

I’ll put it this way:  Thus far, 2013 hasn’t been a treat.  Between the rotten weather, cabin-fever, tantrum-y tot, and miscellaneous and assorted illnesses and bugs that have held on from the holidays, everyone has been in a funk.  Add in being almost 34 weeks pregnant with BY, who seems to behave like Ivan the Terrible crossed with a cage fighter, and my mood has been pretty foul.  Don’t get me wrong:  I’ve not been walking around yelling at everything in my path.  I just have been feeling quite overwhelmed and have moments of difficulty finding my “happy” place.

But just in case we weren’t all miserable enough, the universe threw us a nice curve.  Will woke up Saturday morning with a lower lip that resembles Goldie Hawn’s now that she’s had all of those horrendous fillers injected.  After the grossness that was his staph infection last fall (see if you missed it), he made a beeline for the urgent care clinic to get checked out.  Opting to err on the side of caution, the docs decided to treat it as if it were staph.  Antibiotics and the standard course of treatment were prescribed – ibuprofen and compresses.  He went back for a re-check Sunday and they told him he could add some more potent painkillers which he had on hand from the previous episode.  Otherwise nothing had changed and the opinion was that the antibiotics needed time to work.

Monday was a nightmare.  I had my weekly OB appointment that afternoon as well as my usual office work.  I had experienced a pretty strong pain while wrestling with a Stella tantrum on Sunday, so I was pretty anxious to ask my doc about it.  Will had called in for work, and was planning on watching Stella for a few hours, taking her to her nanny’s house, and then returning home to rest quietly.  Then he got sick.  Then he got sick again.  Long story short, either one or all 3 of the meds he was on got him into one of those horrible cycles where you can’t stop throwing up and you can’t keep anything down to make yourself not feel sick.  Compound that with the act of throwing up aggravating his mouth and not being able to keep down the meds he needed and it was not a fun day.

I came home from the office to figure out what in the world to do.  It was pretty apparent we needed another well-bodied grown-up so I enlisted his mom.  I got Stella while Will’s mom traveled to our house and she kept an eye on both Stella and Will while I went to the OB.  In the meantime, I had called the urgent care nurse and they were kind enough to call in a prescription for Zofram.  I would pick it up on my way home from the doc.  Sweet!  Problems solved and I love it when a plan comes together.

The pharmacy, when I finally got there, was something from either a really scary or really funny movie.  You really had to see and experience it to believe it.  It was jam-packed.  And while, yes, it’s cold and flu season and the whole world is sick, these were mostly geriatric folks filling one or more of their 600 prescriptions. There were dozens of them.  Bless their hearts, the combined age in there was Precambrian.  It was so sad, so frustrating, and so stereotypical.  What was worse was that NOTHING was going right for any of them.  I only saw one individual during my stay there that got in, got their drugs, and left without a problem.

In the meantime, I had to go through the line no fewer than 4 times to see that they didn’t have the prescription, learn that they had the prescription, find out that they had the prescription but hadn’t filled it, and then to ultimately receive the medication.  For 50 minutes I stood and stared at them, becoming increasingly angrier, more miserable, and with feet and legs swelling.  I figured, “surely they can’t make a pregnant lady stand and wait so long.”  Yep, they could.  Will was texting me like crazy in the meantime, desperate for relief.  I was sympathetic, but also losing it.  There just wasn’t more I could do.  I can’t make a pharmacist fill a prescription and those poor folks were just swamped.   My magical powers don’t extend to pharmacists.  I finally turned my phone off.  My battery was almost dead, anyway.

All in all, I was there for just under 2 hours to get 6 pills.  By the time I finally limped home, it was 5:30 and I had been out and about since 6:30 that morning.  I was exhausted and at my limit.  Thankfully, Will’s mom offered to pick up some food.  I had her get Will a milkshake and Stella a happy meal.  I just couldn’t bear the idea of cooking after all that.  I went to bed at 8:00, just wanting that miserable horrific day to end.

So, we’re still dealing with the after-effects of all that.  Will has been home, thankfully NOT throwing up.  That Zofram was worth its weight in gold if not the pain and suffering involved in trying to get it.  I’m just trying to maintain. I missed another half day of work yesterday AM, and am paranoid that at this point I’ll only have about 2 weeks to take for maternity leave (maybe not an awful thing, but…). I’m worn out and it just feels so much harder trying to battle this stuff by myself.  Will just hasn’t been able to help.  Hopefully with another day or three, his lower lip will look less-Hindenberg-like.  We’re taking him to some doctor – any doctor1 – today to make sure he’s recovering as he needs to be and doesn’t need something more intense.  This is his face, after all.  He can’t eat/drink well and it’s difficult for him to even talk.  I’d post a picture but that would just feel mean and he certainly doesn’t need that.

Ok.  Pity party over now.  Just needed to vent.

1 I read again this AM that this is like the worst flu season EVER, making getting in to see a physician for anything else damn near impossible.  While I’m certainly very sympathetic to folks that have it, I do wonder A) how in the hell so many people walk around without flu shots?  I know some people think they make you sick, but I’ve not had the flu since I started getting the shot and the scientific evidence is largely in favor of getting it.  B) Don’t folks realize the flu is viral and there’s just not much doctors can do????  Why do they all go to the doctor anyway?  They’re going to wait an eon before a doctor will tell them to take aspirin, get plenty of fluid and rest, and wait it out.


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One Response to First Do No P(harm)acy

  1. my27stars says:

    Hopefully all of this crud and muck is just getting out of everyone’s systems before the baby comes. 🙂

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