Jolly Clean Giant

Mother Nature is a cruel bitch.  As a member of the Knocked Up, when you are at your most uncomfortable and huge, you become possessed by the urge to clean.  It’s that damned nesting thing, I suppose.  I remember last go round it was the baseboards.  I became obsessed with cleaning my baseboards.  This time it’s a heck of a lot more diffuse.  It’s stuff in the closets.  It’s the odd deposit that collects around the bottom and back of the commode.  It’s my toiletry bag, which I’ve had for years, but which is now due for an immediate clean before the hospital for some reason.  About the only things I do not feel like doing are laundry (I’m still totally over laundry for the moment) and painting.  I still have 9 days to go, though, so I suppose anything is possible.

I do pine for mopping.  But even in my hormone and fat-fueled mania, I know better than to try to mop while wrangling Stella on my own.  I’m simply going to have to demand that her father take her somewhere for a while this weekend.  I love the smell of Mop-n-Glo.

Speaking of fat, I just let myself go yesterday in a way that I haven’t during most of this pregnancy.  I let myself eat like a pregnant woman.  No shame, no restraint.  I figured I’m at the end.  I haven’t gained anything to speak of in over 5 weeks.  I’m miserable and can’t do lots of the stuff that I’d love to do, like spend time with Stella at the park followed by a gin and tonic chaser or two or cook dinner without moaning like a stuck cow.  I may as well eat.  I share this with you to illustrate.  I’m sort of embarrassed in the light of a new day, but whatever.  It’s like a food journal from hell:

1 Peanut butter sandwich for breakfast

1 (rough equivalent) candy/chocolate covered apple for second breakfast

1 spinach and Swiss croissant from local coffee shop along with a latte for first lunch.  I should point out this croissant was the size of my hand with fingers outstretched.

2 pieces of pepperoni pizza for second lunch           (Note:  this was all by 1:45 in the afternoon) 

<Still hungry.  Damn the heartburn, bring on the snacks!>

Strawberry shortbread cookies – about 15

(Note: I am pleased to say I wasn’t hungry for dinner.  I simply had a couple of snacks after dinner.  A knocked up gal has to eat, you know.)

2 Peanut butter sandwiches

1 Cream puff (in my defense, I wasn’t planning on eating that, but Will brought it home from the B&N café and I couldn’t let a good food gift get all soggy now, could I?)

I am pleased to say that this morning the idea of most food disgusts me so far.  Maybe I ate so much yesterday to fortify me for the nesting I would want to do today.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.  That’s my excuse.


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One Response to Jolly Clean Giant

  1. my27stars says:

    Good for you! Eating is pretty darn awesome. 9 days to go, hooray!

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