Damn the Doritos…Full Steam Ahead!

Yesterday was Mardi gras, or “fat Tuesday” for those of y’all not in the know.  This post seems so appropriate in that light. Today is Mercredi gras, or “fat Wednesday.”  Tomorrow will be “Jeudi gras.”  And fortunately for me, the day after that will only be “Vendredi gras” for a handful of hours.  And not because of some hardcore belated fasting.  I don’t fool with that kind of thing.

Yes, it seems totally surreal that 48 hours from this typing I will be in a hospital hooked to an IV being bloated with loads of fluid in preparation for BY’s removal party.  I never have understood to a degree why they send you into a section with strict orders not to even drink water when they’re only going to blow you up like a water balloon within an hour of admission.  Yeah, yeah.  I do know it’s about anesthetic tolerance and blood pressure.  But still, what would a bit of water hurt?  I’m not asking to eat an Extra Large Extra Value Meal.

Speaking of eat, now back to my topic.

I guess it is nerves.  I’m finding myself trying to worry a bit the closer it gets.  Staying busy is helpful but difficult when one can really only loaf on a couch like a Hutt.  I should get my husband one of those Bib Fortuna hats with the 2 long fleshy tentacles.  I suppose it’s too late for that, though.  Shipping would be a bitch.  I really just want it all over with.  In that light, I can’t really say whether or not my fixation with food is a function of being in the final days of pregnancy, boredom, or nerves.  I don’t think I’ve ever been an emotional eater, but I guess it’s not too late to develop destructive habits.

I was car-less over this past weekend starting Friday morning when I was telecommuting and Will was working.  I made the mistake of checking Facebook and saw where one of my favorite food trucks was offering a new burger.  Before you judge, I’m “friends” with several of these local vendors, as it’s a great way to check where they’ll be, when.  I thought I was going to chew my arm off in frustration.  That looked like the best burger in the Western Hemisphere that day and I couldn’t even get anywhere for a dried out Big Mac.

Crispi came over yesterday for a while, just to hang.  We really wanted to take Stella out to do something a bit fun.  Our mall has a very nice carousel, and we figured that would be low-impact enough.  We neglected to factor in that everyone was off for Mardi gras and that Baton Rouge was in yet another 4-5 day rain/flood cycle such that every parent in town was trying to find somewhere to take their kid.  After dragging poor Stella there, getting all excited, we had to give it up and leave.  Even Chick-fil-A was stupid-busy (indoor playground, don’t you know).  All in all it worked out well for me if not my daughter.  I finally got to eat luscious, luscious Greek food which I had been craving for 2 weeks.  We got too hungry and it seemed the best option if not the most kid-friendly.

Preparing a salt and pepper appetizer while we wait for our gyros.

Preparing a salt and pepper appetizer while we wait for our gyros.

Stella managed.  Fortunately she’s affable and easy-going most of the time.

Lest you think me a mean mommy, we did have a tea party later.

Lest you think me a mean mommy, we did have a tea party later.


Dora down!  Dora down!  Too much caffeine?

Dora down! Dora down! Too much caffeine?


Don't judge me.  I feel the boa is perfectly acceptable for afternoon tea.

Don’t judge me. I feel the boa is perfectly acceptable for afternoon tea.

I’d better get back to my day.  Will has to work in 4 hours and I’ve got to find everything bagels before he goes.  It’s important.


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4 Responses to Damn the Doritos…Full Steam Ahead!

  1. MG says:

    Careful with the “everything” bagels. My aunt’s urine test was positive for opiates after eating them! lol Much luck to you. No worries, this is something you have faced already. You know the routine and will do well I’m sure. Stella is beautiful! My “little girl” is 25…I miss tea parties!

  2. my27stars says:

    Why have I been thinking you were going in on Sunday this whole time?? So flippin’ exciting that you’re ALMOST there! And I just love how often Stella pictures come out perfectly clear save one flailing hand of leg. I can only imagine how fast her little appendages move! 🙂

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