Stinker, Tailor, Soldier, Why?

Felix is my stinky little buddy.  People speak about how boys are messy and watch out for their pee during diaper changes. I scoffed at that.  I even made fun of the Pee-Pee Tee-Pee and had Dora wear it as a hat.  I was wrong.  I think boys ARE messier.  I know that my laundry responsibilities didn’t really increase much with Stella.  With Felix, they’ve at least doubled.

It started in the hospital.  Will would help with most of the diapering during the night, just because it was a bit hard for me to get out of the bed due to my incision, etc.  We did quickly learn that 2 grown ups were better than one.  Twice we had to request all new linens from the hospital, as he hosed everything within a 3’ radius.  And each and every night we would have never-ending poos.  It’s like my kid was a human toothpaste tube, only instead of minty fresh paste, tar black meconium was coming out.  In a way that was ok, as once that stuff sits for 8 seconds, it’s not coming off.  Better to head it off at the source.  But it is a bit ridiculous when it takes 2 people, 20 minutes, and a landfill’s worth of diapers and wipes to clean one infant’s butt during one diaper change.  It was like a Carnival cruise in dry dock.

Fortunately, the meconium phase transitioned away before we came home.  All was “normal” the first day out of the hospital.  Then things got smelly.  People say newborn gas and poo either has no odor or what odor is there is not offensive.  That’s the way it was with Stella.  Her little butt tooted all the time but there was no stink.   His poo is ripe and constant.  I got so startled by it that I even Googled it.  Turns out, this too is “normal.”  Some folks say that all the poo and even the smelliness can be a good sign, as it indicates he’s getting plenty to eat and is able to easily pass his gas vs. backing up and becoming agitated with pain from it.  He’s gaining weight and is totally content, so I’m not worried about it.

As for the peeing?  Moms of boys: is there a trick?!  I don’t mean the hosing.  I mean, how in the $(%&) do you keep the pee IN THE DIAPER?  At least once a day I get a nice warm bath from my son.  The diaper is bone dry.  It’s actually somehow serving as a conduit to transport the pee to the outside world.  I check my seals all the time.    I make sure the Apparatus is pointed down as much as one can.  Doesn’t help.

Our current natural state

Our current natural state of being

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4 Responses to Stinker, Tailor, Soldier, Why?

  1. Ann Sanders says:

    J “out peed” his diaper several times with me. Most of those times, Mike had just done the diapering so I assume things were directed southward, but I can’t be sure. When I diaper J, I check and double check that he’s tucked down. So before each side of the diaper is attached, I make sure things are where they should be. But there is still the occasional outpouring. I think it’s just par for the course with little boys.

  2. my27stars says:

    I second Ann, just make sure he’s pointing down. We used cloth for the first year/year and a half-ish and never really had much of a problem. Maybe he’s free to point back up in the space at the front of the diaper? I know those cloth guys really helped keep Doodle down.

  3. amberperea says:

    Unsnap the diaper and let the air hit his parts while still holding the diaper on and in front of you. That worked for me, at least. It was the air hitting “it” that made mine pee so catching it with diaper “shield” still up kept me dry.

    Good luck! 😉

  4. I take a shortish-long break from blogging because I had no time in the world and you went ahead and had your baby?? Well good for you. Congrats, dear! I wondered if boys really were stinkier.

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