Leggo My Echo Echo Echo Echo

I feel as if I’m slowly being driven mad.  I knew maternity leave this time would be a different experience.  Last time it was mainly my mom and I for about 10 days, taking turns with Stella, and watching whatever we wanted on TV.  Famously, we watched the season whatever # premier of Dexter the day I got home from the hospital, all of us joking about exposing my newborn to a vicious yet loveable serial killer.  This time, we can’t do that, and not just because I had to drop premium cable.  I’ve turned into one of those moms who watches the TV selection like a hawk, not wanting my little girl to be somehow shocked, scared, or jaded too young by something she may see on the boob tube.

This, in and of itself, is a good thing.  Kids should not watch too much TV, and they should not watch just anything and everything that an adult would.  The problem is that when you’re locked in a house with a toddler for roughly 14 hours a day (awake), that’s a whole lot of non-adult programming.  And no, we don’t leave the TV on constantly.  We try to have music or quiet time daily, and sometimes we’ll turn it on some innocuous show (Seinfeld, for example) just to give the adults some kind of break.

What?!  You're turning off my show?!

What?! You’re turning off my show?!

Stella now actively requests what she wants.  This is a good thing, and not too long ago, would have been something I would have dreamed of.  Now?  A mixed blessing.  She’s tired of her old favorites the Bubble Guppies and Team Umizoomi.  Instead, we endlessly cycle Baby Einstein and Brainy Baby videos (pronounced “bideos,” dontcha know), peppered with the occasional nod to their forerunners in our household, Baby Signing Time and Baby Babble.  It’s the same thing, over and over and over again.  In addition to being just irritating after 15 showings, these things have no damn plot.  At least the BG and TU have a damn plot, even if it’s silly.  These “bideos” are just random scenes and imagery.  Educational?  I guess so.  Unless you’re a grown up.  Then it sucks the vitality from your brain.

Felix is lucky.  He can sleep through this for the most part.

Felix is lucky. He can sleep through this for the most part.

It doesn’t end with “bideos.”  We get stuck on literary loops as well.  I do not like Sam I Am either anymore after reading Green Eggs and Ham 685 times a day.  Olivia has Saved the Circus a whole hell of a lot as well.  And Duck?  Well, he now officially Goes Potty.  Again and again and again.  As delighted as I am that Stella has rediscovered her love of reading and books, I do wish we could diversify a bit.  I am tempted to hide some of these books.

I know in 2-3 weeks, I’ll be able to get out and we can start having short excursions away from the house.  In the meantime, I just count the minutes to Stella’s bedtime or those times when Crispi or Oui-Oui (which seems to be Will’s mom’s official grandmother name) take her out and about, allowing me to be a grown up for a while.

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2 Responses to Leggo My Echo Echo Echo Echo

  1. The adjustment period will come to a close soon. Before you know it, you’ll get used to life with the new member of your family. 🙂 I personally can’t wait to hear about how Felix and Stella will interact with Felix is more expressive and mobile! In time. You can do it! All of us parents have been there. I recall an episode of House (did you watch that show?), in which one of the doctors on his medical team has to stay at home and hang out with his twin baby girls. He would get so bored reading them stories, that he would eventually give up and read something that he found interesting. Eventually the pieces clicked and he figured he could just read out loud to his babies what he found to be interesting (of course this barred obvious stuff you wouldn’t want to read to your infant). I just thought it was an interesting way of displaying the reality of the sheer amount of boredom that can consume a parent sometimes, and it is very relatable. A lot of parents would never admit the boredom aspect because they fear of being looked at as a bad parent. The truth is, this boredom can give way to creative opportunities to interact with your children. Wow, why did I just type all of that? I’m surprised at how long this comment has become. Okay, I’m going to press the Post Comment button now. Really. I’m doing it…. okay. Now. @_@

  2. amberperea says:

    I love this post! You wanting to hide the books makes me feel less bad about the elaborate fantasies I have about bashing some of Jp’s noisier toys with a hammer. 😉

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