If I Should Cry Before I Wake

I almost scrapped this post, as I clearly cursed myself by putting the first paragraph in writing.  I’m off to buy a bunch of rabbits’ feet online to hopefully make up for my faux pas:

I’m going to say something I thought I’d never say:  my kid sleeps.  A whole lot.  At least the new one does.  The first 3-5 days, Felix easily slept 22 hours a day, waking barely long enough to nurse.  During the day, he’d usually crack an eye every hour and a half or so, but I’d often have to wake him to feed.  I won’t be a fibbing bitch and say he sleeps all night.  He doesn’t   But he does OK   He’ll often go about 3.5 hours at a stretch, which is damn good A) for a nursing newborn, and B) compared to his sister.  With a few exceptions, I honestly didn’t feel that much worse for the wear after overnighting with Felix than I had over the past couple of years dealing with Stella’s sleep angst.  One day, I even found myself Googling “is my newborn sleeping too much.”  That’s something I never ever thought I’d type.

Typical Felix

Typical Felix

That does bring me to Stella.  We’ve been watching her closely for signs of the new-sibling regression we’d been warned of.  She’s really done OK  Sure, there have been some pretty whiny days, but I feel that way too when I can’t get out and about to play with my peers.  About the only thing she’s been doing that she hasn’t done in a while is that infernal spitting.  I’ll find her randomly running around the house with chocolate milk or water, leaving puddles along the way in a very deliberate fashion.  She had finally outgrown that, or so we thought.

I see that new baby...

I see that new baby…

Here's what I think of that f*$&ing new baby...

Here’s what I think of that f*$&ing new baby…

ANYWAY, I know I had been pretty outspoken about being ok with her sleeping with us until she felt ready not to.  I have to admit, I now wish we had tried a bit harder to get her in her bed.  It is rather goofy that she is the one driving the sleep bus in this house vs. her 2 week old little brother.  Of course, I think now is the worst possible time to make a move.  If she is feeling a bit threatened by the newcomer, I certainly don’t want to kick her out of “her” bed as well to make room for him.

So, we’re starting to think about how to deal with this at some point.  I’m trying to introduce a favorite stuffed animal for self-soothing purposes, which is something she’s never really been into before.  I may also start trying to “sell” her on her “big girl” room and bed, maybe finding some books to read about it.  We’ll see.  It’s not a colossal “oh god she’s going to need a decade of therapy” screw up, but it has made the transition to a family of 4 a bit more complicated and tiring than it should have been.


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2 Responses to If I Should Cry Before I Wake

  1. Amber Perea says:

    The spitting! I hated that phase (though I am not sure why I am using past tense…I still see it from time to time. ;))!

  2. my27stars says:

    Well hooray for sleep! 🙂 Does he ever wake her up? That might be a good motivating factor for her. “If you sleep in your big girl bed, you won’t have to listen to the annoying baby in the middle of the night” type stuff? 🙂 Good luck with this, I can imagine how daunting it feels – I wish I had better suggestions for you.

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