Eat S#$t and Dye

Easter is upon us.  As with Halloween, I’ve always enjoyed dyeing eggs each year, even when I was in college.  It was fun.  Get a group together – often unwillingly – have a few drinks, and dye away.  And again, as with Halloween, now I have kids to justify some of this behavior, sans adult beverages of course.

We didn’t bother last year or the year before.  Stella was just too young.  This year?  I don’t know.  Will went crazy and bought 3 kits.  I think it may be fun to try, but I do have nightmarish visions of Stella’s hands, torso, and face permanently stained pastel.  Stella and the Technicolored Dreamflesh.  We’ll have to see this coming weekend, I suppose.  Maybe I’ll strip her to her diaper (sigh – yes, still diaper) and we’ll all just pile out on the back patio so that any damage will at least be outside with the hose and almost unlimited drainage.

In separate colored news, I’ve mentioned that Stella is totally stuck on Green Eggs and Ham, damn you Dr. Seuss.  I hid the book under the couch for several days but it was unearthed.  I found a video that Oui-Oui had sent over some time ago, but the music used is that horrendous 70’s vintage stuff that makes me feel uncomfortable and start checking myself for shag and polyester burns.  I finally broke down and bought an app for our phones, such that the phone will read it to her, along with fun sound effects.  Winner!

I have felt guilt about that.  Her whole life, we’ve done everything to foster a love for books.  Now I’m the Artful Dodger of children’s lit.  I thought I’d make up for it by serving an exciting breakfast:  green eggs.  No, I didn’t fool with ham.  A) I’m not fond of ham myself, and B) how in the world does one turn ham green without the use of loads of time and bacteria?  No matter.  The eggs were a huge hit.  Since she hates the yolk anyway, I just whisk up the whites with a few drops of dye.  She started reciting the book in that delightful toddler style the whole time she ate it, mixed in with some Yo Gabba Gabba Try It You’ll Like It and Party In My Tummy.  I became Mommy I Am for a short while.  It was cute.

Green eggs and pears, Mommy I Am

Green eggs and pears, Mommy I Am

I will keep the dye in my arsenal of mom tricks for those mornings where we’re just having a rough time.  Nothing like some color to change your perspective.  Maybe I should use that philosophy on my hair or the rest of my life?


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