Rotten To the Chorus

It’s most definitely occurred to me that many of my struggles with Stella lately are probably in part due to the fact that the little boy we brought home from the hospital 7 weeks ago hasn’t excused himself yet.  I had been told to expect a regression of some sort, whether it be reverting back to baby-like behaviors or just showing her butt in general.  Case in point, the wretched tantrums we’ve gotten lately.  While she certainly shows her “twos” from time to time, we really haven’t seen tantrums with the ferocity, volume, and frequency that we’ve enjoyed the past couple of weeks.

Easter, volume 1.  See how cute and innocent she looks?

Easter, volume 1. See how cute and innocent she looks?


Easter volume 2:  The bunny also visited Oui Oui's house.  Had I known what a stinker she'd be the next day, I would have eaten the candy myself.

Easter, volume 2: The bunny also visited Oui Oui’s house. Had I known what a stinker she’d be the next day, I would have eaten the candy myself.

She’s also doing things that she knows damn well not to do.  We’ve started having some good old-fashioned power struggles or urinating contests.  As an example, I tried to take her for a walk around the neighborhood a couple of days ago.  I had Felix in the Bjorn and Stella was on foot.  Now, we have worked really extensively with her on the dangers of the road.  She has known for a long, long time not to set one cute little foot on the road without stopping and wait for a grown up.  During our walk, however, she charged out into the street 3 times, once with a car coming.  And while the car certainly saw her from far off and was approaching super slowly, there’s always that “oh god what if” mantra that goes through your head.  There I was, trying to run her down, doing my best to stabilize poor little Felix’s head in the Bjorn, and shouting at Stella to STOP.  She ignored me.

Luckily, Felix takes much of this in stride.  Thank goodness I seem to have at least one mellow kid.

Luckily, Felix takes much of this in stride. Thank goodness I seem to have at least one mellow kid.

This is all pretty demoralizing and is eroding my “mother of two” confidence I’m attempting to cultivate.  I had fantasies of the 3 of us going for daily walks, getting fresh air, and helping me lose some of this baby weight.  Now, I don’t think you could pay me enough to take them out of the house together without other adult assistance.  So, at least for now we’re homebound.  Damn it.

She also continues to ignore me when I order her not to touch the baby swing (see previous blog).  So, the Time Outs continue with me holding her bedroom door shut while she hollers in her room.  It’s starting to work, I think.  I hope.  Yesterday we had to do that 3 times.  Today it’s only been once, and when I threatened a while later, she hauled ass away from the swing.

Stella hollers while Felix looks on in awe.

Stella hollers while Felix looks on in awe from the irresistible swing.

Lastly, whenever she’s getting really grumpy and Felix starts fussing, she will look directly at me, sometimes getting in my face, and start screaming as well.  Usually in the same key or note that Felix is using.  It’s like my own little chorus from hell. I have to believe it’s a bout of regression.  While Stella has always been a firecracker, she’s always been rather affable and stays out of trouble.  Now, I can practically see her little middle finger extending as she does whatever it is I don’t want her to do.  What I can’t seem to find any hard and fast rules about is how long this tends to last?


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5 Responses to Rotten To the Chorus

  1. Amber Perea says:

    That because kids are like snowflakes, my love, and every one is different. But she’s learning and she’s absorbing! That’s definite progress. 🙂

    Once she gets the house rules down then you can try another outside adventure. It won’t last forever! Hugs! 🙂

    • larva225 says:

      Thanks for the good thoughts! I figured this is a phase, just like goofy teething. It just seems a bit strange that it’s happening NOW vs. 6-7 weeks ago. Still, I wouldn’t change a hair on the little scamp’s head!

  2. bjklinetobe says:

    I’m questioning myself if I should hit the “like” button?? I remember the battles that we had with our little man when his sister came into our lives. It gets better…I promis…er’, good luck!!!

  3. my27stars says:

    Awesome that she’s hopefully starting to understand the time outs! Even if it’s one step forward, two steps back, at least you’re not taking three steps back. 🙂 Many hugs and good vibes. And Felix is getting SO BIG!

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