State of the Union: A Dress

Naked time continues to be an issue over here.  It’s a nasty lottery, really.  Most days are fine, in that I don’t have sewage hitting the floor.  But then again, little kids are gross in and of themselves.  Even without turds on the floor, they don’t know it’s not OK to dig in their butts or girl/boy bits.  They have no shame about that kind of thing.  From what I hear, however, you just have to let the naked thing run its course.

I am pleased, however, that Stella has been taking more and more of an interest in what goes ON her body rather than what she removes.  She’s done this great job of toenail painting with her favorite “mahkers” again.  I like it better on her toes than her face, and I’ll give her neat points.  Will tried to paint my toenails for me the first time I was pregnant and he did a much worse job than Stella did!  I’ve also caught her with plain wet paintbrushes putting on “makeup.”  That I’ll have to watch pretty carefully as I’ve already learned with markers.  I figure pens would be a logical extension.

Green toes via mahker

Green toes via mahker

She’s been given quite a few dress up items now, and a nice variety.  Sure, there are tutus and toy jewelry.  But rather than a tiara we have a witch’s hat and her Foofa head from Halloween that’s still popular.  She will put on our shoes as she can get them, but up until recently she’s gravitated as much to her daddy’s clunky shoes or my Chuck Taylors as much as my heels.  Now it’s the heels at every opportunity.  I don’t trust that.  That’s a long way for a little person to fall.  She does have her “feathers,” this stupid pink boa, but she likes to wave it around rather than wear it.

During the obnoxious day Wednesday, I was arguing with her about not wearing her shorts and tshirt.  Honestly, if we’re hanging at home, I don’t care if she’s naked but for a diaper.  But with Stella, having no clothing on seems to be an invitation to get all the way nekkid.  It’s just safer to have something else on.  She finally looked at me and started talking about dresses and skirts.  Fine.  We went to the closet and got a dress.  She actually left that on for a few hours, after admiring herself in the mirror first, of course.

You have to make sure the expression matches the outfit.

You have to make sure the expression matches the outfit.

Sometimes closer is better.

Sometimes closer is better.

Sure, I feel good wearing new and/or attractive clothing.  I think Stella’s figuring that one out now.  Some days it’s ok to wear a dinosaur tshirt.  Other days, you need to swirl a skirt.  Every day, it’s good to get naked.



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