Animal Grouse

If you were to look upon our bed (ignoring the mismatched boring linens) you would think a teenage girl lives there.  Our bed is now the permanent domain of no fewer than 4 stuffed toys with a new resident being added roughly every other day.  There is also a stuffed white tiger that migrates in and out occasionally.  Elephant, big white bunny, Brobee, and “So Sweet Bunny” all live on the bed and sleep with us, resting their heads on her Yo Gabba Gabba pillowcase.  In the case of Elephant, it’s only after the ritual of trunk kissing has been completed, with parents often forced to kiss the trunk as well.

The plush menagerie

The plush menagerie

A year or more ago, this would have been thrilling.  Not so much because of extra lumps in the bed, but because kids having a “lovey” (that term irritates me for some reason) is often a good transition to helping kids settle down at night and sleep alone.  We tried every manner of stuffed toy and blanket in the world, desperate for Stella to “imprint” on something.  No dice.  We were her “lovies.” She would hug on the occasional animal while playing, but it was a cheap thrill.  There was no attachment, no promise of a lasting relationship.  Now, so many of them are “cute” and need “hug hugs.”

There are other populations within the house as well.  She loves her Ugly Dolls, but those live on the futon in the nursery.  They only get love in there and don’t migrate.  There is also a small stuffed village in the living room consisting mainly of several Hello Kitties and an Elmo that wander around.  Finally, there is a huge bullpen waiting for their turn in the rotation.  I’m sure they’ll make it to the big show one day.

As one could imagine, this is all pretty cute.  And irritating.  Will and I are desperate for LESS interference in our bed rather than more.  I’m hoping that maybe I can springboard this into something really appealing for Stella and somehow make a kick-ass toddler “nest” in her room.  Maybe I can buy or design some cool sheets or pillows and arrange her bedtime entourage in there to “sell” the idea of sleeping with her gang vs mommy and daddy.  I bought some fabric that reminded me of her which she’s mad about.  Now if only I could sew.

In the meantime, I need more coffee.  And I think I have tufts of blue elephant hair in my teeth.


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