Win, Lose It, or Draw

Our spring drenching continues down here.  There are spots in my yard that are regularly ankle-deep with water.  The whole back yard has remained a perpetual bird bath.  If I had skills, I would begin design and execution of a modern-day ark.  It’s obnoxious.  I wouldn’t care at all if not for Stella.  It feels like we’ve been shut in for months.  I guess we have.

No parent wants their kids in front of the boob-tube all day, every day.  Yet it’s still pretty impossible to think about trying to manage both kids solo for outings.  Add to that being back at work full time and possibilities are very limited.  When on maternity leave, I could work or not as I chose.  Now, when I’m telecommuting, I have to put in that full 8 hour work day.  So, we’ve been doing a whole hell of a lot of art projects.  Stella does enjoy them, and once I’ve got her set up, I can turn her loose for a good long while.   The trick at that point is to keep her from doing too much damage.  Art is messy.

In this picture, she is brandishing her paintbrush while screaming "I have the power of paint."  Really.

In this picture, she is brandishing her paintbrush while screaming “I have the power of paint.” Really.

Yet another Braveheart moment.

Yet another Braveheart moment.

Clown camp meets pointilism

Clown camp meets pointilism

Trying to go a bit geisha

Trying to go a bit geisha

I have learned some important lessons.  I introduced her to glitter.  I thought I was smart and only gave her a small amount.  I was stupid and gave her any at all.  We were painting a wooden rocket ship and I figured the glitter would be a nice sub for cosmic dust.     Glitter was everywhere.  It looked like someone stuck an M80 up Tinkerbell’s bum.

Glitter does not wash out of hair well.  The bathtub had sedimentary structures in the bottom composed of glitter.  Glitter ended up in the bed, on the floor in all rooms, and even all over her daddy somehow despite the fact that he got home from work after she was already asleep.



I can only hope that the weather dries out soon.  My kid has been inside all too much and it’s getting to her.  She now does British accents thanks to Peppa Pig.  She’s also beginning to craft drum sets out of whatever she can find – stools, peanut butter jars, diaper genies…  Her father has vowed that he doesn’t care what instrument she plays: she is NOT going to be a drummer.  I’m inclined to agree.


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3 Responses to Win, Lose It, or Draw

  1. segmation says:

    What colorful fun! Do they also like paint by number?

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