Womb To Grow

My two loves

My two loves

Everyone is posting something for Mother’s Day. I suppose I feel more motherly than ever now that I’m a mom of 2. Maybe this is the genetic equivalent of reaching a black belt in some martial art or another; you get the black belt for your first one and earn more degrees the more kids you have. No one could have prepared me for what the addition of the second kid would mean on all kinds of levels. It’s meant a lot of sacrifices: monetary, bodily, marital, sanity, etc… But he’s worth it, my little dude.

Being a mom isn’t easy. You’re more often covered in Eau de Colon than Eau de Cologne. When faced with projectile vomit your own nausea ceases to exist until your kid’s has passed. But I never get tired of staring at my kids, admiring how beautiful they are. That’s so definitely a mom thing.

I pretty much devote this blog to stories about being a mom – originally as a pregnant mom-to-be. Most of my stories probably seem a bit flippant, largely discussing bodily functions and all. But I certainly don’t mean to minimize being a mother. I can’t think of my kids without feeling that oh-shit-heart-stopping-and-sphincter-tightening-soul-crushing-love.

To all those moms out there, I say a big “thank you,” especially to my own. I don’t know how many moms would have parked their house somewhere geographically they hated for 2.5 months in order to help their daughter finish a pregnancy and keep up with the force of nature that is Stella. As for all of the other mothers, I’ve never known one that wasn’t willing to share wisdom, and I have lots of wonderful wise women in my universe. Thanks to you all for that!

I’m reposting a blog I wrote a while ago. It’s doubly appropriate now that I have double the kids. Have a great day, y’all!



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2 Responses to Womb To Grow

  1. Just lovely. Happy mother’s day! Hope the kids are getting along!

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