Raiders of the Lost AARP

God I’m old.  I turn 40 in a few months and I guess I have some angst about it.  I’ve been researching things like “lotions with sunscreen” and reading any new study that talks about aging effects.  Up until now, I guess I felt as if the anti-aging crowd was a different demographic.  Now, it’s mine.  I’ll get to check a new box on surveys.  Next stop?  AAR F’ing P1.

Things around here don’t help.  Stella starts school Monday.  Yes, I know it’s not really school.  It’s still a big step.  She loves it.  We took her this week for an orientation.  She jumped right in.  The kids were painting when we arrived.  She grabbed a brush, pulled up a chair, and promptly painted her paper and herself red.  Just like home but with more fun little people.  The playground was also deemed acceptable.   So, we’re all set.  I took the day off, as I feel it’s momentous.  I’ll probably be more sad than she will.  I am looking forward to the intervals of peace and quiet, however.  I will be able to get huge amounts of work done2 and will have the opportunity to hang with Felix alone unlike ever before.

Speaking of Felix, my little bitty dude is already rolling over.  That seems early.  I looked it up online and it is on the early side.  Next step?  Sitting up and walking.  Then we’ll be dropping him off at school.  His little personality is coming in as well.  I think energy and temperament-wise, Stella is more like Will and Felix will be more like me.

To be fair, I would have loved wings like this when I was young.

To be fair, I would have loved wings like this when I was young.

I don’t know what my point is.  I guess I’m still struggling with the brain funk I wrote about earlier this week.  Stella got me and Felix up at 4:30 this morning, so that doesn’t help.  My latest fantasy is to leave Stella and Will at home for the night and to take Felix and check into a hotel.  I know he would let me sleep until at least 6:00.  I won’t get greedy and say I’d take a hotel alone.  That’s about on par with winning the lottery at this point in the realism department.15

Postscript:  As I was proofreading this, I noticed Stella was quiet.  I got up to check as that’s the worst sound in the world to a parent.  Sure enough, she had poured her milk all over the coffee table and her books and was splashing in it.  Damn it.

Felix is good at grabbing stuff now. Like Stella's hair.

Felix is good at grabbing stuff now. Like Stella’s hair.


I often say she makes me pull my hair out sometimes.  Felix is my little avenger, I guess.

I often say she makes me pull my hair out sometimes. Felix is my little avenger, I guess.

Ok.  I’m going to try to make this positive, since people (i.e. readers) don’t like constant negativity.  A positive about the spilt milk?  It saturated her copy of Everyone Poops.  Maybe I won’t have to read that one for a couple of days while it dries.

1 Of course by the time I’m eligible to get my AARP card, they’ll have to change the name to AAOWP: The American Association of Old Working People.  I’ll never be able to retire.  Ever.

2 Parents know how difficult it is doing anything with a toddler-preschooler.  The idea of being able to read a report or sweep the floor without that constant and adorable interference is unimaginable.  I guess it would be like strapping a pair of limes to a blue jay’s feet.  It might eventually be able to fly, but not without effort.  But once those limes come off???


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