To Grandmother’s House Oui Go

I wonder if anyone has ever gone to trial for murder by sleep deprivation?  In all seriousness, I think my children are trying to kill me – very very slowly.  First there is Stella:  nearly 3 years of sleepless nights and counting.  Now it’s Felix, although to be fair to the poor little dude, it’s not his fault.  He’s had a cold and cough1 immediately followed by teething.  Regardless, I’m on no sleep.  I’ve been on no sleep now for eons.  It makes it so much harder to cope with things well or even at all.

I try to laugh about stuff.  Really I do.  Today is better than yesterday.  I don’t know that I cracked a smile yesterday.

In desperation this past Saturday, I finally reached a breaking point.  I was finally ready to send Stella to Oui Oui’s house overnight.  Now I know there’s probably some eye-rolling going on.  Why in the hell would I NOT have sent my rowdy daughter to Oui Oui’s house long before now?  I guess I’m a ninny.  Or at the very least, I’m an über-stubborn helicopter-type mommy.  Oui Oui has stairs, you know.  And outlets that are uncovered. *Gasp.*

But I woke Saturday exhausted.  Felix and I had had a bad night.  It’s been so bad that after he wakes at midnight or so to nurse, I can’t even summon the energy to get my ass off the couch and put him back in the crib – or even just lay down with him on the futon.  We just kind of fall over and sleep on the couch for the rest of the night.  Stella came bounding out bright and early as usual.  Something in my brain just snapped.  I wanted to cry, but it was that demented laughing-crying that happens when you are damn close to a break with reality.  After a trying breakfast, I finally asked Will if he thought his mom would mind having a slumber party.  We discussed it for a while.  Were we really ready?  Would Stella be ok?  Well if we were going to do this, we had to have some kind of important plan, right? Otherwise it would be a waste.

There is a "trampoween" out near Oui Oui's house as well.  Only this one comes with lots of other kids to play with.

There is a “trampoween” out near Oui Oui’s house as well. Only this one comes with lots of other kids to play with.


Stella's playhouse at Oui Oui's house.  Oui Oui could open a daycare center with all the cool stuff she has.  I'd never want to come home if I were Stella.

Stella’s playhouse at Oui Oui’s house. Oui Oui could open a daycare center with all the cool stuff she has. I’d never want to come home if I were Stella.

The long and short of it was that Oui Oui was indeed ok with the idea and no, we didn’t have to have a major plan.  I had picked up some nice fish and veg earlier, and since Felix “always” goes to sleep by 6:00 or 6:30, we would simply eat a bit later than usual and we could sit down and eat together.  And I could eat without holding a child.  And even use utensils.  After, we could watch a whole movie without fear of having to pause it for awakenings or the like.  And sleep.  Sleep would be better.  And later.

Winding down, preparing to go to sleep and beat up Oui Oui all night for a change.

Winding down, preparing to go to sleep and beat up Oui Oui all night for a change.

Ah, the best laid plans…

Felix was grumpy.  My normally sweet mellow little boy was a snarling, chomping drool fountain.  It took about 3 times as long to get him to sleep.  And while we did get to eat our nice meal and watch some uninterrupted TV, my sleep never came.  We were up at midnight, at 3:00, at 4:00, at 5:00, and finally up for the day at 6:00.

My unhappy guys.

My unhappy guys.

So yes.  I do think they’re doing this on purpose.  There’s simply no other explanation.  Or maybe it’s the lack of sleep making me paranoid.

1 Oh this cough.  Both of my children have it.  They’ve had it for 3 damn weeks now.  You know when they cough?  At night.  Especially when they’re first trying to go to sleep.  I have  a new answer now for the old “when would you go if you had a time machine” question:  I’d go back ,waaaaaaaaaay back.  I’d find the ancestor of this virus and I’d pour a shitload of bleach into the primordial ooze, thereby killing it forever.  And ever.


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7 Responses to To Grandmother’s House Oui Go

  1. Meg C. DeBoe says:

    I know that cough – I hate that cough. We tried this with some success: prop the kids up. For our little one this meant putting a pillow under one side of his crib mattress. For our older one it meant giving her two pillows – an adult one under her top half and a doll pillow under her head. I’m sure you’ve tried humidifiers which I also love. If you want to experiment, I’ve heard that rubbing Vick’s on the bottoms of the feet and then putting on socks works, but I always forget to try it. Let me know if you do. Hope some of this helps!

  2. my27stars says:

    Lame! Yeah, you should probably try to set this up to be at least a semi-frequent thing, if Oui Oui is happy to have her. Might have just been bad timing. You’ll get sleep one day, I promise… I think… I hope. 🙂

  3. Dude, we’re living the same day! I sent EB out to Granny Camp (both grannies live near each other, close enough for a day trip turnaround, but far enough to slumber party) and she comes home tomorrow. I even tried to *nap* today. Didn’t work. Sleep, miss you…come back to us…

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