Rocky of Love

As I got Stella home from school yesterday, I noticed that my daughter had a bit swollen purple bo-bo on her ear.  She looked like a prize-fighter with the whole cauliflower ear thing going.  While it looks a bit nasty and is no doubt painful, it’s not serious.  It must have happened at school.  I had figured there might be drama yesterday, but instead it looks like just regular old blunt head trauma went down.

After my post last week lamenting about Stella not adjusting well to school, she made me a liar as kids are wont to do.  She only went 3 days last week, as they were closed for the 4th of July on Thursday and Friday.  She only had one morning where she apparently wasn’t the happiest kid, but she was within limits.  The rest of the week, she ate, napped, and did whatever it is she’s supposed to do.  Coloring in lock-step, I suppose.  There were no complaints about bellowing, not speaking, no eye-contact, etc…

I should've named her Van Gogh.

I should’ve named her Van Gogh.



Manicure, anyone?

Manicure, anyone?

I was worried what yesterday would bring after a long break. I did my best to keep her “on schedule” with naps and the like while we were all off and together for 4 days straight.  (That’s a lot of togetherness.)  Additionally, her morning teacher had left her position, so no Ms. Melinda.  And Ms. Megan, the most beloved afternoon teacher?  Well, she’s taking a few extra days off this week.  That’s a lot of change for little bitty brains to process, especially after a long weekend.

Notice how Felix feels about togetherness.

Notice how Felix feels about togetherness.


I did finish attempt #2 at a pillowcase dress in Mo Willems Pigeon fabric.  Much better!

I did finish attempt #2 at a pillowcase dress in Mo Willems Pigeon fabric. Much better!

Other than whatever happened to her ear, it was apparently a good day.  The toddler spreadsheet on the door indicated that she had eaten and napped.  She was appropriately dirty and tired when I picked her up.  Here’s hoping the rest of the week is also peaceful.  Oh yeah, and Friday is “Prom Day.”  I normally love their little theme days, but WTF?  I’m not buying my 2.5 yo a strapless dress.  She can wear her pirate outfit.  Seriously.  That’s what she’s wearing.

I’m starting to relax about school.  I’m starting to feel like a fool for making that neurology appointment.  Just call me Chicken Little.

(Think Jaws music) Dum-dum!

(Think Jaws music) Dum-dum!






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5 Responses to Rocky of Love

  1. Amber Perea says:

    So glad to hear she’s adjusting!!! Makes my heart happy!

  2. Meg C. DeBoe says:

    Love the pics – what a cutie!

  3. my27stars says:

    Dress looks darling! I knew you could do it. 🙂 Felix’s face regarding togetherness is priceless! And I’m so happy Stella’s doing better with school! Happy all around.

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