Red-Headed Stepford Children

So it’s done.  See you later, alligator.  Hasta la vista, baby.  All that.  We have severed ties with Stella’s school.

The past 2 days have been pretty traumatic for everyone.  Yesterday morning, Stella seemed a bit off.  I was a bit afraid of what the day would hold for her at school.  Apparently it held crap.  I was called by the Town Crier around 1:00 PM, stating that Stella was having a “bad day.”  She kept trying to leave the classroom and would not lie down on her mat to nap.  I was supposed to be in a 1:30 meeting, so I said I’d have to see if Will could leave work.  He called and reported that he could hear her screaming in the background.  Off he went to rescue our kid.  I was a nervous wreck at that point, so went to get Felix early and returned home so we could caucus about the school situation.

Will said he was told that Stella had “scratched a teacher and left a mark” during a struggle to calm her down.  I knew that was it.  It was the beginning of the end, one way or another.  When I picked her up today, Town Crier Jr led Stella to me crying in her classroom where I was trying to pack up her blanket and sheet.  We certainly don’t need those anymore since we’re not allowed to be there in the afternoon for nap.  Someone was also kind enough to leave her nap mat outside the classroom as well (hint, hint).  Town Crier Jr indicated that it had been a bad day.  Today’s theme was “Tee Ball Day” (WTF?) and Stella wouldn’t play.  I can’t imagine that.  Why any 2.5 year old wouldn’t want to play tee ball.  Furthermore, she reportedly kicked, hit, and shoved children around.  In short, it seems my cherub became Scarface.

The Director was talking to a Stepford Wife while I was trying to navigate Stella, Felix, her bag, and her big ass bulky mat to the car.  The Director stopped long enough to ask quietly if Town Crier Jr had spoken with me.  I responded that apparently it was a bad day.  I figured then that TCJ was supposed to give us the axe but didn’t have the marbles to do it.  I got the kids home and talked to Will via phone.  We both realized that we just didn’t want our daughter there anymore.  We don’t trust them.  And they certainly don’t want her.

I called the Director to make arrangements for our money back for Felix, the money I paid today for next week for Stella, and to get the rest of her things back Monday.  I was fed a bunch of crap and nonsense on the phone.  Stella’s behavior had regressed so, don’t you see?  Amazing.  Just last week she was doing so much better.  Will heard my tale and felt like he needed to call the Director for some clarification and to give some feedback.  During that conversation, it was alleged that our child was so completely rotten and diabolical that Stella was, in fact, the reason the morning teacher had quit a couple of weeks ago.

So here’s where we are in the story.

We’re getting double-talk from the staff.  Some say Stella’s doing great.  The toddler spreadsheet on the door says she does great most days with eating and pretty much daily with napping.  Yet apparently she’s horrible.  I call shenanigans.

Within a week’s time, my child went from being a bit off with speech and eye-contact to a gangsta.  This is despite we’ve never seen evidence of a violent or aggressive bone in her body.  I call bullshit.

My child’s behavior is so horrendous that within 3 weeks of mornings, she caused a career teacher to abandon her life’s work.  And while the Town Crier certainly felt compelled to call me often – oh so often – for things like tantrums and diaper rash, we were never given an indication that our firstborn was slowly crushing a woman’s soul and career.  I call you an unprofessional charlatan.

Look.  As parents, we don’t like to see our kids’ faults.  And Stella has some.  She is loud.  She is so loud and obnoxious at times that you rue the day you were born with ears.  And her energy.  My god her energy.  It’s the daily equivalent of 8 Hiroshima bombs.  It will wear your ass out.  But she’s not a bad kid.  And holy cow is she fun.  She’s creative and smart and so wants to please people.  And I’m sorry.  Her speech deficits are not severe enough to justify this.

If you don’t want or have the energy to handle my kid, just have the balls to say so.  Don’t be a liar and a coward.  I’d have so much more respect for you if you just said you and your staff didn’t want to deal with it.  That you’re more comfortable with meek little Stepford tykes in lockstep.

See?  Maybe this is our fault.  Her first Xmas, we put Stella in this cute little suit with "Naughty" on the butt.  Self-fulfilling prophecy?

See? Maybe this is our fault. Her first Xmas, we put Stella in this cute little suit with “Naughty” on the butt. Self-fulfilling prophecy?

They don’t deserve my kid.  And I’ll be damned if I’m going to send her anywhere where people will be anything less than kind to her.  And I don’t think they were being kind at the end.

That breaks my heart.  I didn’t want Stella to have to deal with that kind of rejection at least until kindergarten.

So onward and upward.  We did tour another school today.  And you know what?  I think it would have been my number 1 choice even before Stepford had I known about it.  It’s kind of a granola place, but man, do they do neat things.  They stress physical activity so much more.  They let kids play in the rain! So, I will drop off that application Monday.  They think they can start Stella on September 1.  We’ll just have to manage until then.  It’s hard not to wonder if we’ll have a repeat and get booted out of yet another preschool (please oh please tell me this shit gets funny one day), but I have a gut feeling this place is going to be a much better fit for Stella.

Now I don’t know who the Town Crier will torment and harass via phone now that we’re gone.  Maybe Audrey.  She still had that damn snot problem…


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9 Responses to Red-Headed Stepford Children

  1. my27stars says:

    I was SO hoping this was the reason for your Stepford reference on FB earlier! 🙂 Hooray for a granola preschool, I do hope it’s a better fit for her.

  2. Glad to hear that the nightmare is being discontinued! I hope the best for you and for Stella with this new place! Those people at the Stepford facility were obviously not ready to handle actual children who weren’t ground through the meat machine first.

  3. Amber Perea says:

    Oh! Poor Stella. I have always (obviously) worried about preschools and Jp. He’s not a bad kid but he has a hard time understanding others when they give him specific directions and I worry teachers would see that as him being a “bad” kid and not be as nice to him.

    She’s a good girl, but when you have a class full and the teacher can’t get her to act like everyone else they think she is a “problem”. So unfair.

    I hope the new school has a teacher oozing with patience and understanding for lovely Stella! She deserves it.

  4. Meg C. DeBoe says:

    Congrats!! Can’t wait to hear how the new place is. More physical activity sounds perfect! I know my 2.5 year old needs to move or he’s a tornado waiting to happen.

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