Old Yell-er

I’m trying to make the best out of this mandatory time off, treating it like a summer vacation of sorts for Stella.  Yesterday wasn’t bad.  We dyed eggs.  Nope, it’s not easter, but who says you can’t have Technicolor eggs 365 days a year?  She really seemed to enjoy it.  I also managed to get the kids out in the driveway to play some.  Stella picked flowers, Felix moaned in his swing, and we blew bubbles.  Today, I might try to brave Barnes and Noble and take them out there for a bit.

Felix has found his feet

Felix has found his feet


Felix helping me sort my hair out.

Felix helping me sort my hair out.

Now to most parents, that’s not a big deal and a no-brainer.  Why wouldn’t you take the kids out?  Well, I’m outnumbered.  And I never know whether Stella will be cooperative or not.  We’re working on it.  We really are.

The big thing is the damn yelling.  Just the random “Aaaahs” on top of the occasional (and thankfully more infrequent) screaming due to anger or disappointment.  As I said the other day: sometimes she’s a model inmate.



I have realized something.  Sometimes when she yells I think she’s trying to imitate another sound, only her brain isn’t hearing or reproducing it quite correctly.  I was jumping on the trampoline with her Sunday and a blue jay was cutting up.  She would imitate the number of calls, only instead of approximating a squawk or shriek, she shouted “Aaaah!”  Same thing with a Team Umizoomi episode, the one with the dreaded baby chicks.  They spend the whole show “peeping” uncontrollably.  Rather than peep, Stella Aaaahs.   Once I pointed that out, she corrected it.  I think she may have even looked a bit sheepish.

I’m also doing the whole “outside” vs “inside” voice to death.  Anything helps, I guess.

And now for a rant – a rant ranted by legions of parents before me.  Why in the name of blazing hell do kid’s shows insist on yelling and even encouraging kids to yell?!  Whether it be Pocoyo with a blaring Pato and trumpeting Elly to the fools on Backyardigans hollering on a cliff face, they are all yelling constantly.  Worse, Dora and Diego insist that you “SAY IT LOUDER” multiple times.  How are parents supposed to teach their children to cultivate a nice low-key speaking voice when everyone is demonstrating or asking them to F’ing yell?!

Ok.  I’m done now.  And I have approximately 45 seconds left until I have to leave the office to go home to be with my children.  No time to proof-read, even.  Sorry for the bitching and chaos.

Easter in July

Easter in July


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4 Responses to Old Yell-er

  1. Meg C. DeBoe says:

    I 100% agree with you on the yelling in kid’s shows! WTF?? Dora is not allowed in our house. When my daughter asked why, I replied honestly, “Because she yells at me and I don’t like her.” She didn’t even argue with me.

  2. Oh, the yelling. EB does it when I’m trying to talk to anyone else but her, even if it’s not that boring. Inside vs outside voices helps it stop, but then it starts back up again. So I just give her my iphone if I’m trying to have a conversation. I’m sure that’s excellent advice.

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