Place Your Wets

They always say that second (or third or…) kids don’t get the attention that firstborns do.  Judging by my blog, poor Felix is a neglected little dude.  Not really, but you know what I mean.  With Stella, I think I babbled about every little barf or burp. Felix is just kind of there.  He’s easy.  He’s easier than Stella was.  Either that or my nerves/psyche is now all scar tissue and I no longer feel the pain as much as I used to.

Folks also love to say that every kid is different.  That seems obvious, particularly when Stella is a girl and Felix is a boy.  The Apparatus did take some getting used to.  The Apparatus used to hose me during changes an awful lot.  I did write about that.  Any parent of a boy-child will agree that hosing is something that occurs and must be endured.  It’s a rite of passage, a baptism.  I still get sometimes mystified by the Apparatus.  Usually the mystery has something to do with cleaning.  It gets so oddly dirty.  I guess it’s all the teeny tiny nooks and crannies.  And how hard can you scrub?  I don’t have an Apparatus myself so I don’t know the threshold for pressure and discomfort.

Either in addition to or as an extension of the Apparatus, Felix is my wet child.  He regularly soaks me at night.  I guess it’s the directional force of the Apparatus in a diaper all night.  I’m going to confess something that will make me sound horribly gross or like a bad mother:  I almost don’t care anymore.  My motto is “it’s only baby pee.”  I think it’s really a function of fatigue and the time the wetting occurs, which is usually about 3:00-4:00 AM.  At that point, I know we’ll all be up soon and I don’t feel like a double costume change which will wake everyone up while I root around for a new onesie for him and PJ bottoms and nursing tank for me.  I will concede that by the time I’m able to get dressed myself, I am quite anxious to rid myself of the pee smell.

There is also a huge amount of drool.  Stella never drooled this much.  I don’t see how my son doesn’t dehydrate, frankly.  He chews on stuffed toys, shirts, and blankets until they are all sodden.  It’s nasty.  Like a retriever’s gross tennis ball.

Despite the moisture, he’s still a sweet little guy.  He fell asleep the other day while I was holding him and I caught sight of us in the mirror.  I was struck with how big he’s gotten, particularly since I keep a copy of a picture of us on top of our TV.  Comparing Felix at 6 weeks to Felix at almost 6 months makes my jaw drop.

6 weeks

6 weeks

My giant baby at 6 months

My giant baby at 6 months

It chokes me up, that this is IT.  That his baby-ness is flying by and that there will be no  more baby-ness.  He’s damn near crawling, y’all.  It’s too soon.  He’s not even 6 months old officially yet.  I seriously think he’ll be crawling by the end of the week.

Bad angle, but the boy is way up on his arms and the knees are close behind.

Bad angle, but the boy is way up on his arms and the knees are close behind.

Friday  night he had his first “solid” meal.  I got choked up about that, too.  With Stella there was such fanfare and both Will and I were involved.  Not quite so with Felix.  Will was at work.  I did ask if he wanted me to wait until Saturday so he could participate and got a “nah.”  I guess it’s a mommy thing.  While not as exciting as the crawling or walking (no doubt soon as well), the first feeding is a big deal to me.

The obligatory "first bite" picture.  Same bib we used for Stella.  *blinks back nostalgic tear*

The obligatory “first bite” picture. Same bib we used for Stella. *blinks back nostalgic tear*

Man, time flies.


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4 Responses to Place Your Wets

  1. my27stars says:

    No flippin’ way that chunk is already almost 6 months! Wow, time does fly. Really, I totally get the baby pee thing – I mean, not only did you make the milk he drank that he turned into pee, but you also made him inside your body, so it’s all stuff from you anyway. 🙂

  2. kukolina says:

    Our babies our similar in age and maybe in size as well…?!
    I was just thinking about addressing this pee question today! Wow! What a coincidence! (I am a little bit relieved to hear that normal diapers also leak over the night – we are doing cloth diapering…)
    I am looking forward to reading more of your blog! Thanks! 😉

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