As the Girl Turns

We’re amping up for Stella’s 3rd birthday party.  I can’t believe it’s been 3 years already.  It’s also a welcome distraction from my own looming birthday.

Oui Oui had the fantastic idea of going to a local farm for her party.  There is a wonderful lady there, Ms. Becky,  that uses many of her animals as therapy animals at schools, rest homes, etc… so these critters are TAME.  Every year in the spring she does a family farm day which is open and free for everyone in the community.  It started out as an event mainly for families with special needs kiddos and it just ballooned from there.  We’ve gone the past 2 years and have had a wonderful time.  Now they’re starting to branch out into private events.  If I understand correctly, Stella’s party will be somewhat inaugural for them.

We went Sunday to scope it out, Oui Oui, Stella, and I.  OCD wonder that I am, I “needed” to see what kind of space there would be for cake, would there be a freezer for ice cream, and how much room was there to decorate; the party is in under 2 weeks and I’m starting to stress.  While the farm is THE main event, Hello Kitty will be the theme.  Stella is totally hooked on HK right now.

Stella got a totally bonus farm day, as Ms. Becky was around and gave us the big tour.  Stella got to love on just about every living thing, I got to see where we could put the cake and ice cream, and we all got some good information: everyone really ought to wear tennis shoes (old ones) or boots and what food we should bring to feed the animals.  The latter is probably more important in this case than what we bring to feed the party guests.

I forgot to ask if this turkey's name was Thanksgiving.

I forgot to ask if this turkey’s name was Thanksgiving.

No caption needed.

No caption needed.

Oh, the poor bunny.

Oh, the poor bunny.

There should be pony rides, a hay ride, and loads of animals to traumatize love on.  I think this may be Stella’s most wonderful party ever.

In a related but separate incident, Stella is enamored of her black shoes.  These are simple little Mary Janes that Oui Oui found on sale somewhere and sent over.  They are a size too big but no matter.  Stella wants to wear them everywhere.  They will be worn out before they actually fit.  We have had multiple throw-downs over these shoes.  She can’t wear them to school since they’re too big and could cause a trip of fall so there is almost daily hollering about that.  She tromps around the house in nothing but these shoes and a diaper, nearly trampling her brother constantly.

Kids in their matching PJs on the pallet.

Kids in their matching PJs on the pallet.

Why am I talking about the black shoes?  Well she had them on when we visited the farm.  They came home caked in mud and animal poo.  I’ve hidden them from her until I can clean them up as I don’t want poop footprints on Felix’s pallet (which he sometimes sucks on).  You would think I was withholding food and water the way she acts.  I’m about to take the black shoes out to the grill and light them up.  Sorry, Stella.  I don’t see your black shoes anywhere.

Gratuitous picture of my son already trying to stand, not even 7 months old.  WTF?

Gratuitous picture of my son already trying to stand, not even 7 months old. WTF?


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6 Responses to As the Girl Turns

  1. I laughed so hard at the turkey being named Thanksgiving comment. I bet Stella’s party will be wonderful. The farm is a great idea. I usually have Lilah’s parties at home, but I am thinking that this year it will be somewhere different. I still have two months to decide! Also, when is your birthday exactly? Mine is October 6th.

    • larva225 says:

      9/19 for me.
      And I don’t know where you live or what your resources are like but our new favorite thing is Chuck E Cheese. Now before you lock me up for being a lunatic, we’ve learned that if you go right when they open at 9 AM, IT’S EMPTY AND QUIET. We seriously started to think about having Stella’s party there until the farm thing rolled along.
      As much as I like to DIY, there is something liberating about having the party somewhere else where you don’t have to clean up before and after!

      • I agree! I live in Anchorage, Alaska and we have a Chuck E. Cheese here. We also have something called Bouncing Bears that is basically a play land made up completely of inflatables. Have you heard of it? I was thinking of doing it there.

      • larva225 says:

        No, Bouncing Bears must be a local thing. We do have similar businesses, though.
        It’s selfish, but I know my kid’s party is for kids but my nerves just can’t take those places during peak hours. Let me/us know what you decide!

  2. Just clean the shoes before you barbecue them, or you’ll have a smell to contend with that’ll make you wish you’d just let her trample on the pallet with them. Well, maybe not that much.

    And mingling farm animals and 3 year olds for parties is a great idea – just be sure that you can tell them apart in the end.

    – Eli (father of 3 with experience)

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