Blonde Man’s Bluff

The experiment is over. I’m not sure whether not blondes have more fun, but I can say for certain that I did not have more fun as a blonde.  I reached a point where nearly 4 weeks after stripping my hair to within an inch of its life, I still did a double-take in the mirror and hated what I saw.  Daenarys Targeryan indeed (NERD ALERT!).  I just looked fat and stupid.

Sometimes the nerd leaks out.  (From

Sometimes the nerd leaks out. (From

One thing I had always disliked about having hair so dark was that you are limited to what colors you can use.  I figured this was a golden opportunity to try new stuff.  Red was a natural choice, even though I know it’s notorious for not sticking so well.  However, I pressed on with the knowledge that A) red was better than the crappy blonde, B) I could gradually step down to darker shades, and C) I would do just about anything to get rid of that damn blonde.  Yeah, I hated it.

OMG.  My boobs.  I swear this was supposed to be a hair shot.

OMG. My boobs. I swear this was supposed to be a hair shot.

What I wasn’t prepared for was how differently stripped hair absorbed color.  Usually when I’ve dyed my hair, I’ll have plenty of leftover dye.  Not so this time.  Red turned to this odd pinky orange-brown.  Despite its uneven appearance, it looked better than that damn blonde.

It’s continuing to fade.  But it’s not blonde.  Eventually I’ll just get a box of dark brown and be done with this.

Am I sorry I did it?  I don’t know.  At least I tried something different.  Sometimes as a wife and mother I don’t think I try as much new stuff as I could.  Then again, the opportunity isn’t there as much.  At the very least, I’m glad I made the opportunity.

Better than blonde.

Better than blonde.


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