Snail Male

I’ve written before that I have the ability to telecommute two days a week for work.  While I’ve often joked (or lamented) about being stuck at home with my kids, telecommuting has given me a wonderful opportunity for me to spend as much time with them as possible while still taking care of work business.  Over the last three years, this has undergone a transition from being easy (when Stella was a baby) to difficult (Stella grew up and got more high-maintenance) to more difficult (high-maintenance Stella + being pregnant/with Felix) and now back to easy again since Stella’s in school.

My children having a tea party before school/work.

My children having a tea party before school/work.

Wednesdays and Fridays are now my “dude days,” where I get the opportunity to just hang with Felix. There are no toddler power struggles, no yelling, no worrying that Felix will be stepped on.  I simply get to bring out one of my reports, sit in the middle of the floor with him, and intermittently read about groundwater while watching my son.   While I do feel guilty for enjoying it so much, I think it’s a good thing for both Felix and me.  He seems to enjoy the one-on-one time as well.

My boy.  He's so sweet it hurts me.

My boy. He’s so sweet it hurts me.

Now that he’s so mobile, I’ve noticed a new and disgusting trend. My boy drools unlike any child I’ve ever seen.  Just recently I caught him going from the kitchen through the living room down the hall and into the bathroom.  He left trails of saliva the entire path of his journey. He’s like one of those slugs that need a mucous trail to allow their bodies to slide across the ground’s surface.

I’m thinking about putting little sponge pads on his feet and knees.  I know loads of folks have joked about that sort of thing, but with all that spit my floors would shine like a diamond.  Crazy.



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