The Cost of Pooing Business

People love to talk about how expensive kids are.  When they do, they always mention the basics:  diapers, clothes, food (formula, if nursing isn’t your thing), schooling.  They leave out so much that you don’t think about until it’s too late.  Things like paint, water, toilet paper, and band aids.

We’ve gone through gallons of Crayola paints at my house.  It’s cute.  Stella has always loved it and now Felix is in on the action.  But man, this stuff adds up.  It could only be worse if kids’ paint was made by Sherwin Williams.

There must be at least a quart of paint here.

There must be at least a quart of paint here.

This was Felix's first experience with paint.  I think he dug it.

This was Felix’s first experience with paint. I think he dug it.

Something just doesn't look right.

Something just doesn’t look right.

Hulk for Halloween?

Hulk for Halloween?

Band aids are the bees’ knees.  We have Hello Kitty band aids (duh!).  Stella wants band aids all the time.  She will find scars from tiny bo-bos long since healed and demand band aids retroactively for them.  Sometimes you can placate her with the sticker from a banana.  Sometimes.

We’re still inching our way through potty training.  It’s been excruciating.  And costly.  Now in addition to regular diapers, we have to have pull-ups as well.  You need both.  Pull-ups at night are an invitation to have a bed full of pee.  Not cool.  And despite the fact that we rarely get actual deposits in the commode, that doesn’t mean Stella isn’t practicing wiping and flushing.  And then there’s the hand-washing.  Oh, the wasted water.  Oh the humanity.

Sometimes poop reeks.

Sometimes poop reeks.


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