Where the Sidewalk Chalk Ends

There are times when as a mother I feel inadequate.  What am I saying?  There are at least 20 times a day when I feel inadequate.  Whether it be my level of patience, the meals I’m cooking, my housekeeping (or dirtkeeping as the case may be), there is just no time for it all to be done as well as I would like.  That’s universal, I think.

Recently I’ve encountered some new ways to feel crummy as a mom.  We’ve been going to A LOT of birthday parties lately.  I have been so lucky that Oui Oui has basically taken over most of the responsibility for Stella’s 2 big parties so far.  I love the idea of parties, but I have no time, patience, or resources to do it the way I’d like to.  I barely decorate.  We went to a party on Sunday which was just precious:  dry ice in the fountain, costumes, even oranges on trees painted as jack-o-lanterns.  I barely got a Hello Kitty tablecloth for Stella’s party.  Damn it.

Cool but dear god don't touch it, Stella.

Cool but dear god don’t touch it, Stella.

How cute is that?!

How cute is that?!

And then there’s sidewalk chalk.  You read right.  I’ve been feeling inadequate about my artistic “skills” with sidewalk chalk.  I can’t draw.  Let’s just get that out of the way.  But usually I can represent somewhat whatever idea I want to convey, and I know not to try to convey anything too complicated.  Being a nerd, I like to try to make my sidewalk chalking “educational.”  We do loads of solar systems and marine creatures.

Fortunately my kids are blocking most of the "art."

Fortunately my kids are blocking most of the “art.”

I tried to get fancy last weekend and delve into the Geologic Time Scale.  You know, the periods listed with a representative extinct critter from that interval.  Devonian = Age of Fishes.  Stuff like that.

I tried to draw a trilobite for the Cambrian.  Yes, yes.  Technically trilobites hung on until the end of the Permian but they tend to be the signature fossil of the Cambrian.  They were the Prada bag of the Paleozoic marine world.  Only my trilobite ended up  looking an awful lot like a penis.  I even tried to draw “legs” on it.  That somehow made it worse.  Felix crawled over it and smudged it somewhat, but it’s pretty bad.  I stopped short of getting the hose out and trying to wash my sidewalk but it was a tough internal psychological battle.

See?  My cephalon was ok but the pygidium was way too bulbous.

See? My cephalon was ok but the pygidium was way too bulbous.


From Wikipedia.  God knows I couldn't draw this....

From Wikipedia. God knows I couldn’t draw this….

I suck at sidewalk chalk.


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2 Responses to Where the Sidewalk Chalk Ends

  1. Meg C. DeBoe says:

    At least you are sucking at complex species. I suck at flowers and pumpkins. Trilobites?? I would love to suck at trilobites! 😉

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