House of Ill-Re-puke

I know I’ve shared how excited we’ve been to celebrate Halloween this year. But life is gotten the last laugh. About 30 minutes after I had dropped Stella off at school this morning, the school called. She had thrown up. To their credit, the school did not immediately send her home. Since she had no other symptoms, they agreed to watch and wait. They watched and waited for about two more hours until she puked again.
I understand why schools have to observe quarantines for certain types of illnesses. I just really hate this one. She cannot go back to school until Friday at the earliest. Why is it such a big deal? Because tomorrow is Halloween. And she is now going to miss her class party.
As an aside, she’s now been home for several hours and there’s been no puking. She’s eaten some Ramen noodles and so far everything is staying put. Time will tell of course, but regardless we’re out of commission for the party.
Come hell or high water, we’re going trick-or-treating tomorrow night. I’ve been saving both kids’ main event costumes for tomorrow. If she is puking, I’ll just add a “possessed” element to it. Maybe I’ll feed her some pea soup before we leave. It will be really authentic.
I’m trying to make the best of it. While I am very disappointed about tomorrow, I’m trying to be creative. When the school called, I was in the middle of boiling a dozen eggs to make deviled eggs with. Since we needed a nice quiet activity, we decided to dye them. Halloween eggs anyone?
Of course this thing could bite me on the ass. We could all end up vomiting our fool heads off. And we all already have some kind of cold and cough thing going on. I do know this: my children will wear these costumes if it kills me. Y’all may just see pictures of themChristmas morning as a mermaid and Darth Vader.




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