So this Halloween is turning out to be a major bust.  I know you will all think I’m silly but I’m pretty sad about it.  I wrote yesterday that Stella was sent home from school due to a suspected stomach virus.  The good news – and it is good news – is that it does not seem to be a virus.  Since coming home at lunch, there has been no vomit.  I have to figure that her puking is largely self-induced.  The night before she ate a 10 oz pork chop, an equal amount of broccoli, 5 mini pickles, a small bowl of ice cream, and 2 big glasses of milk.  I’m thinking delayed purging.  Regardless there will be no school party and parade.  She can’t go back until tomorrow.  While I understand it, it’s still a downer.

At least there’s trick or treating, right?  Not so fast.  The weather is supposed to be awful, with “possible damaging winds and rainfall in excess of 1” during the afternoon and evening.”  I try not to cuss a lot in my blog but fucksticks.

So Plan C.  I’m at work.  Will is home in the morning with both kids until he has to go to work and Oui Oui comes to hang with the little people.  The weather is going to be bad all day, and both of my healthy-if-not-a-bit-snotty kids will be trapped inside all day.  Stella has been practicing trick or treating for 2 weeks.  Why not have Will bring the children to my office?  They could even wear their costumes.  They could trick or treat around here.  They would love it.  The people would love it.  Who cares if they get little candy?  Rubber bands and post-it notes are cool, too.

Nope.  Will doesn’t feel like it.  He’s too busy being unhappy about work etc…  He won’t even entertain the notion or listen to my reasoning why it’s a good idea.  And I’m hurt that he wouldn’t “take one for the team” on this, knowing how much this goofy crap  means to me.

I’m so disappointed.  I know in the grand scheme of things this isn’t important.  I guess as a mom, however, this is the first year that Stella really “gets” it.  And it’s going down in flames.

This was her trying on her "main" costume:  a mermaid.  She loves it.  I guess she can wear it around the house.

This was her trying on her “main” costume: a mermaid. She loves it. I guess she can wear it around the house.



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