Recap and Trade

I started to title this one “Apoocalypse Now 2:  Apoocalypse Later,” but figured that might be a bit much.  Suffice it to say that at roughly 10:00 PM Sunday night, both Will and I succumbed to the stomach virus.  Will had it mostly going one direction whereas I had it mostly going the opposite direction.  There would be pros and cons to both, I suppose.  We both called in sick yesterday and spent the day  sleeping for the most part.  Oui Oui took Felix and Stella is more than well enough to be in school.  Suffice it to say, we were/are both pretty miserable.  Still, I’m trying to put in a day at the office without making a mess of myself.

By the way:  Why don’t people refer to diarrhea-variety stomach viruses as “cleanses?”  It really is the same thing and has the same effect.

I had actually taken Friday off sick as well.  I still have this cold/cough thing that I can’t shake.  I was going to walk down the street from the office to go to a doc in the box to see if I needed an antibiotic.  I’m terrified to do that now on top of the virus.  I don’t know that my guts could handle it.  From a health perspective, these past 2 weeks have been rough.  And for those of y’all who are my Facebook friends?  I’m really sorry if I didn’t “like” or send words of encouragement when your whole family was down sick.  I now know what that is like.  It’s not your friendly neighborhood hell.

The good news is that we did actually get out and about a bit on Saturday.  Baton Rouge has an annual Book Fest downtown which we typically attend and Stella had a birthday party to go to.  I let both kids wear their Halloween costumes to Book Fest since they got shafted out of Halloween.  Stella had a ball and got all kinds of swag from vendors for being so stinking cute and sparkly.  Felix got a free rubber duck and chewed on it for a couple of hours.  I think he was pleased, too.

This broke my heart:  Stella dropping M&Ms into her back, "trick or treating" with herself at the counter.

This broke my heart: Stella dropping M&Ms into her bag, “trick or treating” with herself at the counter.


Sparkly mermaid

Sparkly mermaid


This kid was loving life

This kid was loving life


Use the force of cute, Felix.

Use the force of cute, Felix.


After eating the Hello Kitty cookie pop decorated with black icing.  Might as well have been a Sharpie.

After eating the Hello Kitty cookie pop decorated with black icing. Might as well have been a Sharpie.

So here’s to recovery.  I still may have to go to a doc if this stuff doesn’t clear up, but I figure I’ll wait until Thursday.  Until then, I’ll try to look on the bright side and enjoy my new svelte figure.  


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4 Responses to Recap and Trade

  1. Meg C. DeBoe says:

    They are so cute in their costumes! Glad they got to strut their stuff at last 🙂

  2. I love their costumes! Haha, that’s what’s great about being a kid… you could literally wear your costume any time and it wouldn’t be strange at all. This made me remember something from when I was a teenager. There was a little girl in my hometown that was really sick and she couldn’t go trick or treating. So, what the local neighborhood did was hold on to some of the leftover candy and let her go trick or treating even after Halloween had passed. I guess that is the beauty of a small town? I wish all kids who were sick on Halloween could get an opportunity like that!

    I completely relate to you on the sick meter. I got sick at the end of September, and haven’t gotten much better. I was feeling better for a few days in mid October, but then I started to get sick again. After a month I was finally prescribed an antibiotic, which ended up giving me diarrhea. I am almost done with the pills and I was feeling better but then I felt a tickle in my throat yesterday and guess what? I am getting sick again. October used to be my favorite month but last year (had pink eye and sick the whole month) and this year (sick the whole time), really makes me afraid of future Octobers.

    I hope that you and Will feel better soon! Chug that water!

    • larva225 says:

      What an awesome memory about that little girl! Glad my post made you remember and share it. Holidays usually don’t work out exactly the way they’re “supposed to,” do they?
      I hope you feel better as well. We moms just don’t get a break to recover the way mere mortals do!

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