Steroid to Heaven

I’m still trying to kick whatever respiratory germ this is that has taken up semi-permanent residence in my body.  I went to a doc in the box Tuesday.  Understandably, no one wants to give a pregnant or nursing mama anything at all.  I was given the usual recommendations of eucalyptus oil, salt water, steam, blah de blah de F’ing blah.  I know this stuff.  I also know that the duration of this is exceeding/has exceeded the normal duration of a typical cold virus.

So yeah, I am nursing.  I am also allergic to the most common antibiotic family in use.  I’m also coming off of a doozy of a stomach virus.  I’m what you could call a good “challenge” for a doctor or nurse practitioner.  The poor NP was really really trying.  She finally agreed to recommend some OTC stuff along with a 3 day supply of low dose oral steroids, with strict orders to pump and dump.   Yeah, right.  I researched it thoroughly AND (before y’all jump down my throat) called my pediatrician to make sure it was safe to nurse.  No sweat.  So where am I now 2 days later?  Almost out of prednisone and no better.  I’ll be trekking back to get something else shortly.

But the steroid.  Oh, how I love thee.  You know how it is when you go in with a sinus infection.  Usually the doc will shoot you in the ass with a hefty steroid shot.  You feel better about 15 minutes later and before you know it, you’ve gone from death bed to boot camp.  Yes, I CAN cook a 12 course thanksgiving dinner while doing single-hand push-ups and vacuuming with my big toe.  Even this pansy dose I’ve had has been a miracle.

You must understand the misery:  I am on 8.5 months of night-nursing, 3 years of 5 AM (if I’m lucky) wake-up calls, a family of 4 ravaged by a stomach virus from hell, and 2+ weeks of respiratory crap.  It’s a small wonder I can’t find the energy to work out or clean my house on a good day, less any additional challenges such as illnesses or a blasted time change.  This little wonder pill has made a huge difference.

Mucous be damned.  Nighttime kids wanderings and wailings be damned.  I. Get. Stuff. Done.  On.  Steroids.  I wish I could take them forever, or at least for 2 months.  I could have my home cleaned and decorated for Xmas by next week.  I could probably make everyone on my gift list presents of some sort.  I could plan, shop, cook, and then portion and freeze 800 meals.  I might be able to use some of my exercise DVDs that I now only have the energy to briefly look at (in their cases) and feel momentarily guilty about no actually putting in the player.  I love steroids.

This is your brain on steroids

This is your brain on steroids

Does this make me a monster?  Am I some kind of drug-seeker?  Keep your mellow.  Keep your high.  I just want energy, damn it.



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