Sowing Your Wild Goats

Felix has been really enjoying the stage where everything goes into his mouth.  Actually, I think he’s done this stage bigger and better than Stella ever did.  Whether it be fistfuls of grass and dead leaves outside, pipe cleaners, shreds of Astroturf, coat hangers, you name it, it all gets noshed on (and occasionally retrieved by my index finger along with lots of saliva and gagging).  Damn it.  Now if only he’d eat food.

By far his favorite material to nosh on is paper.  It’s horrible.  On weekends when I try to read my newspapers, he’s like a zombie and my front page is like hot cross brains.  Stella’s books are also a hot commodity.  I’ve already  had to retrieve a few, hiding the damage from their rightful owner, placing them so that they can dry out before being taped back together.

Don't let the innocent look fool you...

Don’t let the innocent look fool you…

Grass.  I see it.  I want to eat it.

Grass. I see it. I want to eat it.

There are some books I’m tempted to let him have.  A ways back, I remember hiding Green Eggs and Ham under the couch.  I just couldn’t read it again.  Anything but Green Eggs and Ham.  Now?  It’s Knuffle Bunny.  We used to looooooove that story.  Now I hate it.  I hate it so much.  No offense to Mo Willems, but Felix may “accidentally” find that book and soon.


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3 Responses to Sowing Your Wild Goats

  1. boringyear says:

    When Monkey was that size, he liked to eat toilet paper. Not just a dissolve-it-on-your-tongue sliver, I’m talking pick up the whole roll and take a giant bite out of it. I had to videotape it so that people would believe me. He also ate books. ‘Sebastian lives in a hat’ fared the worst.

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