The Great Brace

Was it just last week I posted a blog about how well things were going and how pleased I was with Stella’s behavior?  Yeah.  I take it back.  I know, I know.  Not every day will be stellar for anybody.  As a human being, I think it’s safe to say we’re guaranteed some bad days.  We’re just exiting a few now and I fear the next couple might not be so swell.

The week at school didn’t end so hot for my girl.  There was some shoving, some toy throwing, some tantrums, some biting her own arm during said tantrums (WTF?), and some generalized butt-showing when asked to do “big girl” stuff like cleaning up some of the toys she threw around.  In short, she ended up acting like a small crazy person.  Sure, she’s 3 and to some extent much of this is normal.  I do think she takes some of these behaviors to the next level, though.  Whether that be a function of some of the delays/disorders we’ve been dealing with or just the natural state of Stella, who knows?  I’ve given myself easily 328 headaches trying to sort that out.

Speaking of butt-showing, she’s back into her “naked” phase.  She dropped trou several times at Mammy’s yesterday.  I can’t get her to stay clothed at home, even when the house is 67˚.  Will suggested just letting her go outside in her diaper, but I know Todd and Margo would probably (justifiably) call CPS.  And yes, diapers.  We’re still in F’ing diapers.  We’ve tried every bribe in the book.  No potty action.  She knows when she has to go.  She is just actively refusing to poop on the commode.

Note Felix is appropriately clothed whereas Lady Godiva is frolicking in the background in a diaper.

Note Felix is appropriately clothed whereas Lady Godiva is frolicking in the background in a diaper.

Anyway, the weekend was rough.  The weather here SUCKS.  I mean sucks HARD.  Saturday, it was so cold and rainy that the poor kids were stuck inside all day with their poor parents.  It was too nasty to even play in the driveway.  Sunday we did evacuate to Will’s mammy’s house for lunch, where Oui Oui graciously allowed us to leave Stella for a few hours.

In desperation, oven mitts became "puppets" and tried to attack the children.  Yes, we were bored.

In desperation, oven mitts became “puppets” and tried to attack the children. Yes, we were bored.


But they loved it.....

But they loved it…..


...for some reason.

…for some reason.

Man, I always feel so relieved when that happens.  And then I feel guilty for feeling so relieved.  Let’s just say a huge part of me was happy to get up and go to work this morning.  But now?  Da, da, duuuuuuuummmmmmmm (that’s supposed to be foreboding music): The weather forecast is even more foul for the next 48 hours than it was Saturday.  It’s supposed to rain like hell both days and not even get above 50 (you Yankees out there, don’t scoff).  The kids at school will likely not be able to go play outside.  That’s not going to be popular for anyone.  I foresee some difficulties.  I am tempted to buy Ms. T a bottle of whiskey for her pain.  I’m scared to death I’ll be getting a phone call or two.

Man, I hope this is just a rough patch and we’ll be back to swell soon.  It’s really discouraging to make progress and then backslide.  Maybe if I expect the worst I’ll be pleasantly surprised when it doesn’t suck so bad.


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6 Responses to The Great Brace

  1. my27stars says:

    We’re supposed to get into the 50s as well this week. It will be a nice break from the bitter frigid 20s we’ve been in. 🙂

    Bad weather, especially that which keeps them inside, is rough for all kids, and for all caregivers of said kids. If you do end up getting more calls than normal from Ms. T, don’t think she’s just being kind when she says Stella’s not the only one. Stella’s truly not the only one. 🙂

  2. Meg C. DeBoe says:

    Hang in there! I’ve been house-bound with my two as well. Cold and wet – bleh! 😛

  3. Meg C. DeBoe says:

    That emoticon is inaccurate – it was supposed to be much more sour.

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