Miss-mas Vacation

As with most of the country, the weather has taken a most foul turn the past few days.  This whole entire past weekend was a major bust.  Originally, we had a birthday party at the zoo Saturday, I had a nice cupcake and toy swap with some of the folks from Stella’s school Sunday morning, and we were to round out the weekend with a family trip back to the zoo to meet some friends and look at the light show they put up. Friday afternoon, the temp crashed and stayed crashed, followed by 3 (and counting) days of gloomy horrible rain.  Sure, some folks would have plowed ahead with the whole shebang, but we are a very tired mommy, daddy, 3 year old, and 9.5 month old, all of whom have been completely or partially ill now for the past nearly 8 weeks now.  I truly do despair that we will ever all be healthy again at the same time.

The kids did remarkably well for being cooped up almost exclusively for over 2 days.

The kids did remarkably well for being cooped up almost exclusively for over 2 days.

The weekend in review:

  • I drew the short straw and took Stella to the zoo on the cold-ass Saturday morning.  The party was inside, fortunately, but we had to hike a ways to get there.  Exhilarating?  If you say so….  I DID learn that chinchillas are the second softest animal on the planet (#1 being the sea otter) and after petting one, I can believe it.
  • I love cupcake/toy exchanges!!  While I’m sure the host/hostesses were disappointed with a low turnout due to horrendous weather, I had a ball and got all kinds of magnificent inspiration:
    • I need to step up my game.  These ladies were PREPARED.  They had themes and stuff.  I had random sprinkles.  They kindly said that my cupcakes could be the “ugly Xmas sweaters” of the party.  Next year?  I’ll have my merde together including a festive apron, damn it.
    • Will and I need to work on our togetherness.  The primary host/hostess were this fantastic married couple – the kind that make it all look effortless and fun.  They have themes for Xmas every year, including making doodads for their tree and advent calendar.  They even made all Lego ornaments one year, for crying out loud, and proudly brought out examples when I got excited about the idea.  Will and I?  Don’t…..do…..that.  It’s not just the Xmas stuff – it’s the day to day stuff.  They seem to really enjoy being together and parenting together. And yes, yes, some of it is the fact that our schedules SUCK when placed side by side, and some of it is the fact that we have 2 kids 3 and under, but in some cases it’s attitude.  I wish he could have been there to see it.  It makes me want to attain that kind of state in our family.
    • The ladies from the school make their kids cull half of their toys each year before Xmas to be donated to charity.  The toys get sorted into categories, yada, yada, yada, and it even becomes a lesson on math/percentages.  Genius!  It keeps you from drowning in plastic and stuffed crap, as well as gives kids a sense of responsibility and ownership.  Stella’s a bit young, but maybe next year on a limited basis?
  • Zoo lights Sunday night?  A bust.  No way were we going out in that, especially since…
  • Felix just has the worst cold/funk he’s ever had.  The poor dude just hacks all night, snot streaming.  Can’t sleep (he or I), and by yesterday afternoon starting coughing so hard he made himself gag and puke.  He did that again in the middle of the night last night.  In both cases, of course, right after I had given him meds, meaning not only was he probably not medicated but I could not in good conscience medicate him further in case he had absorbed something.  The puking and snot also mean he WILL NOT EAT, adding to my anxiety that he’s not gaining weight.  I truly might puree one of those cupcakes from the exchange and let him have at it.  I just want the kid to eat some food.

    A particularly awful attempt at mealtime

    A particularly awful attempt at mealtime

Hopefully this week will be better.  There are lots of things to do: crafts at home and school, an upcoming parade, (perhaps) a trip to New Orleans to see the lights.  I’d love to do it all.  Only I think this is going to be something like our beach trip;  I need to rein in my expectations this year.  Kids are too young and/or sick, energy levels are too low, and the weather is too…. Whatever.  It will be ok.  I guess I have a touch of the Griswold.  I do want everything to be magical and perfect each Xmas.  Hallelujah.  Holy shit.


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