Retract and Field

Dear Santa,

I think I was a bit greedy yesterday.  I’d like to retract that list and ask for some more reasonable items – items that I have a chance in hell of getting.  And since they’re not just for me, per se, perhaps my benevolence will weigh in my favor and inspire your generosity:

  1. I would like Stella to continue to grow and thrive.  Sure, we still have the occasional bad spell, but overall she is improving and becoming more “normal” every day.  I want her to be able to fit in, to excel, to go to dance/gymnastic/karate classes if she wants to, to have lots of friends if she wants to, to apply to MIT or Le Cordon Bleu if she wants to.  I don’t want her to feel different unless she wants to feel different.
  2. I would like Felix to continue to be wonderful.  He really is just a charming little boy.  I can’t go anywhere without that child being absolutely mobbed by strangers – mostly women, but men too.  I want him to continue to be happy, easy going, and determined.  It’s too early to get a feel for what he might be into- right now, he enjoys standing up and clapping for himself – but I want him to be happy and successful at whatever it is he decides he wants to do.
  3. I want my children to both grow up to be kind and strong.  I want them to have common sense – to be classy and classic.  I want them to know how to treat other people.  I want them to know how to protect themselves without becoming too guarded and closed off.  That’s a fine line, I know.

    They are quite often merry....

    They are quite often merry….

  4. I would like my husband to find peace, both outer and inner.  I think he’s lacking that.
  5. I would like the energy to make whatever improvements in my life that I can make right now.  I would like help to accept those things that are beyond my control (Yeah, I borrowed a bit from the serenity prayer…  You don’t have to be all into that to know a good idea if you hear it.).

For my part, I will try to learn to be more accepting and less angry and disappointed.  I will try to feel better about myself and be better to myself, even if it’s just wearing some red lipstick, putting on a new(er) pair of panties, or wearing some cute leopard-print shoes.

Thanks, Santa.  Sorry I got ahead of myself yesterday.


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Working mom. Is there any other kind? Geologist. Nerd.
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4 Responses to Retract and Field

  1. Terri says:

    Dear Laura, Regarding your first three requests: Wishes GRANTED. When children have good examples to follow–and yours do–they thrive and grow into good vegetables (human beans, as my once-upon-a-time four year old son said). From Santa’s Helper

  2. Meg C. DeBoe says:

    Love this: I don’t want her to feel different unless she wants to feel different.

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