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Coup de Toddler

I look around sometimes when it’s quiet (Did I really just say that?) and don’t recognize my life.  Some things are physical about myself: I have some wrinkles.  Mostly on my forehead, some around my eyes. I have gained a … Continue reading

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My kids don’t make me happy

Originally posted on The Matt Walsh Blog:
“Kids won’t make me happy.” I’ve heard that statement, or statements to that effect, thousands of times. Enough that I should, by now, have a response prepared. But when a guy said it…

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The Highlight Saga: Dye Another Day

In my attempt to regain  more of a sense of self, I will now discuss something other than my children:  my hair.  Utterly riveting, I tell you. This past weekend my hair underwent yet another transformation.  The initial red that … Continue reading

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I’m beginning to believe that my entire household will never ever be well again at the same time.  Within the past 4 weeks, everyone has had a cold then a stomach virus then another cold.  It’s been a delightful sandwich … Continue reading

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