You Light Up My Life, Damn It

It seems ridiculous to me but my three-year-old daughter can actually reach light switches without any help.   She loves turning them off and on at all times of day but mainly she likes turning them on.   Her favorite time to turn them on is whenever I’m trying to get Felix to go to sleep. Typically she’ll flip on every switch she can manage to reach and then begin to play the toy piano.

In other illuminating news, we exposed her to a few –very few – fireworks on New Year’s Day at Oui Oui’s house.  It was all bo-bo stuff, but she enjoyed it. We’re talking sparklers, snakes, smoke bombs, and a few of those things that make a “whoop” sound and throw about 4 sparks.   I’m not so sure how well she’d do with things that are very loud and involve staying up past her bedtime when she’s already so badly off schedule.

Oh pink!  Oh white!  Oh pink!

Oh pink! Oh white! Oh pink!


Yeah, sparklers.  Whatever.

Yeah, sparklers. Whatever.


367The holiday dust continues to settle.  This will be everyone’s first full week back to school/work.  Just this morning, Stella decided she wanted Xmas back, and oh yeah, some presents would be nice.  But where was the tree?  Xmas tree?  So we talked about the months of the year, singing the song.  December does sound like it’s way far away.  Just go play with some of your  new toys, Stella.  You have plenty of lights on to see what you’re doing.

Mr. PotatoHead's parts.

Mr. PotatoHead’s parts.

Will believes this is the scariest thing he's seen in a while.

Will believes this is the scariest thing he’s seen in a while.


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