Have an Ice Day

Recently I’ve been visited by a childhood memory.  I must have been in  2nd or 3rd grade. It was winter in Pennsylvania.  My mother had bought me this awful electric blue ski suit.  It had the pants with the bibs covered by a matching coat.  If there was even a flake of snow on the ground, she insisted that I wear both pieces. I hated it.  But I did have to walk to school. In the snow.
At least it wasn’t totally uphill, and I could put my arms down.
We’re known to have crazy weather here in Louisiana, particularly in the winter.  Usually “crazy” means needing a light jacket one day followed by being in shorts and flip-flops the next.  I have spent Xmases down here in short sleeves and sandals.  Other than hail during violent thunderstorms, we have not seen any frozen precipitation here in roughly 4 years.  It seems this is our Bizarro winter.  We’ve now been totally shut down by freezing rain and sleet twice in under a week.

This is why we can't take our Xmas lights down.  They've adhered to the side of the house thanks to the ice.

This is why we can’t take our Xmas lights down. They’ve adhered to the side of the house thanks to the ice.


Snow + Flip flops = Wrong

Snow + Flip flops = Wrong

People in other parts of the country like to make fun of us for overreacting due to a little winter storm.  But what people fail to recognize is that we don’t have snowplows here. We don’t have snow tires here. We don’t have salt trucks here.  Most of us don’t even have ice scrapers in our cars. We don’t have the clothing to wear to go outside in it.  Yes, at this point my life I wish I had that old blue snowsuit back.  While it wouldn’t fit me, I could probably jam Stella into it and send her out and about.
The whole thing has just been very surreal.
I’m starting to wonder if we really are all in hell, and it has frozen over.  Maybe the entire world has ended and we’re stuck in some sort of purgatory-afterlife thing like in Lost.  I do have evidence.

Case in point, January 25 was Smoke Monster Day according to the Weather Channel.

Case in point, January 25 was Smoke Monster Day according to the Weather Channel.

I know it’s just one of those things, and this will go down as one of those winters we all talk about down here for a long time to come.  I just hope it doesn’t get any worse. Oh wait…

Next Thursday?  Are you f'ing kidding me?!

Next Thursday? Are you f’ing kidding me?!



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5 Responses to Have an Ice Day

  1. Got Coffee????

    Take Care and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T

  2. Meg C. DeBoe says:

    Great picture of your flip flops in the snow! Hang in there! In the DC area we’ve been below freezing for weeks 😛

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