(The) Return(ed) To Sender

I’m going to do something I’ve never done before:  plug a TV show.  It’s called The Returned (or Les Revenants, since it is French after all) and is amazing.  You should go watch it.  Now.

Title card for the show thanks to Wikipedia.

Title card for the show thanks to Wikipedia.

It’s a story that unfolds when dead people come back.  But before you start eye-rolling at me thinking “not another bloody zombie show,” it’s NOT that.  The ones returning seem to have no indication that anything horrible happened to them, no sense of how long they’ve been gone, and only want to pick up and resume their lives and relationships.  It really is an interesting twist on a genre that’s been beaten to – well – death.  I realize that there’s a similar show about to premier on ABC (Resurrected or something?), but it cannot possibly be anything as good as this show!!  Yes, it’s still creepy, especially by the end of the season, but in a different way than “oh man, the zombies want to eat my brains.”

Yes, it’s French.  That means subtitles, people.  You can do it!

Based on my obsessive reading that I’ve indulged in since finishing the show, season 2 is filming now for November release.  Who knows how long it’ll take to migrate all the way over here, but I cannot wait.

I’m done.  That’s it. C’est ca!


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