Heart and Parcel

Valentine’s day.  Ah.  I’ll be honest: it’s not my bag.  I was always more of a Halloween kid, you know?  I guess on some level when I was much, much younger, there was a sour grapes component.  I was not a “popular” or “pretty” one.  I wasn’t a girl who was going to get a desk full of carnations when the student council sold them every year.  It really was ok then, and now more so.

At the end of it all, I’m a pragmatist.  Flowers are grossly overpriced this time of year.  Chocolate tastes good but, like cut flowers, is ephemeral.  And (particularly now that I’m an adult) who the hell wants to try to go to a “romantic” dinner with every other wannabe romantic so and so in town, with a limited menu, stressed waitstaff,  crammed into restaurants like Delta Burke in a girdle?  Not I, my friends.  I’d rather wait for a nice innocuous Wednesday night when nothing’s happening.  Or whenever we have money and babysitting.

But as usual, I digress.

I had fun this year and put more effort into it because of Stella.  They were doing it up at her school.  “Crazy Hearts Day” it was.  Finally:  we could dress tacky with purpose!  Although to my amazement and disappointment, she chose a pair of faded hand-me-down shorts (with hearts) over her new red sparkly heart tutu to wear over her leggings.  I used cardboard paper towel tubes to stamp hearts on bags and Valentines.  I made a disgusting amount of this popcorn I found a recipe for on Pinterest (basically take a bag of microwave popcorn, half a bag of white chocolate morsels melted carefully, toss together with salt and red and pink sprinkles) and crammed them into little treat bags for all her friends.

Yeah, it's CRAZY hearts day, all right....

Yeah, it’s CRAZY hearts day, all right….

And was she excited!  When I dropped her off and picked her up yesterday, she was swirling around with her fellow pink- and red-festooned pals.  The staff all had hearts pinned/glued/taped to themselves.  It was fun.  To hell with “Valentine’s Day.”  This was Crazy Hearts Day and it was great.  This I could handle.  Of course, her school could make “Toad Tuesday” an event and it would be fabulous.

Have I ever said how crazy I am about her school?

After I picked her up – and she wasn’t necessarily happy to see me and leave the playground – I took my children through the McD’s drive through for a happy meal.  We all ate our crappy food together, happily.  Best.  Valentine’s. Day. Ever.

Nugget bliss

Nugget bliss


Mmmmmore fries (and wine for me)

Mmmmmore fries (and wine for me)


Who puts the "happy" in Happy Meal?  Why McDonald's does.  So does wine.

Who puts the “happy” in Happy Meal? Why McDonald’s does. So does wine.



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2 Responses to Heart and Parcel

  1. I always thought that McDonald’s needed the option of selling wine. It would make working the drive-thru so much more bearable.

    I love all the Valentine’s Day fluff. It’s also the day that my fiance and I started calling ourselves a couple, so it’s special to me. 🙂

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