The Wean in the Willows

I need to rant a while.  Sorry.  Just a warning.

We’ve all heard the saying “so and so needs to get off my dick,” implying that someone is crowding the speaker in some capacity or another, whether that be tailgating in traffic, meddling in their personal affairs, or otherwise being a nuisance.  I have a new take on this:  people need to get off my tits.

What’s that, you say?  Am I just being a bit of a “femi-nazi,” wanting a female version of the above statement just for us gals?  No.  I literally mean I want people to cease and desist being so damn interested in my boobs and their production.  I seem to get it every day, whether it be at home (Will:  Haven’t you weaned him yet?) or work.  Work is the worst:

How old is your baby now?

You’re STILL nursing?

When do you plan to wrap it up?

None of your damn beeswax, Nosey McNoserson.


Nursing at work this time around has been beyond obnoxious.  I’ve been a nomad.  It started off well and good with the lactation room.  Once I got crowded out of that, it’s been a matter of office-hopping or running out to the car to try to cover myself in the front seat and use the car charger.  And yes, I’ve spent more than a few milking sessions in the work car either being driven down the road by someone with a blanket over me, pulled over in some parking lot hoping I don’t get molested by some random person who wants to talk about their neighbor who has trash in their yard (or reported for being a lay-about state worker), or driving while pumping.

But it’s for my kid.  So I do it.

And yes.  My son is 1 now, and it IS time to start the weaning process.  However, how he and I accomplish this is up to us.  NOT the people of the State of Louisiana, even if those people are friends, colleagues, husbands.  Like most physicians, I think weaning should happen when he and I are ready and it should be slow and gradual.  It just happened that way with Stella, naturally.  I didn’t feel the pressure I feel this time around.  I’m not sure why it’s different.

I know in some cases I’ve had to interrupt other people to ask to use an office for my purposes.  I’ve bent over backwards to be as unobtrusive as possible.  I don’t think I’ve given anyone cause to be truly angry or even irritated with me for it.  And if so?  It’s not my problem.  If anything, it ought to be a message to the Powers That Be that a single dedicated lactation room is quite insufficient for 8-10 mothers.  This is a good thing.  How could a mother breastfeeding her children be a bad thing?  It’s healthy.  It’s natural.  It’s FREE.  Sure, I think all of us who nurse would rather actually hold and feed our children vs hooking ourselves up to pumps.  But their little bellies don’t check out for 8-9 hours while we’re at the office, so there you go.

I’ve written way too many times already about how I feel about nursing.  I’ll stop here.  But I am so tired of it being other people’s business as to when and how I wean my son.

Maybe I’m just being prickly about it because Felix is my last baby.  Maybe I’m just pissed off at my workplace in general (Side note:  work lately has become a nightmare rather than a refuge.  I’d rather be home.  I’m disillusioned, stressed, and frantic.  This is a pretty serious blow to my psyche considering the office was where I got to decompress, blog, think, and just be an individual 3 days a week.).  Either way, folks need to get off my tits.  I’ll wean my son when I’m good and ready and not before.

What's in his belly is none of your concern.

What’s in his belly is none of your concern.

Sorry for the venom and bile.

Carry on with your day.



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11 Responses to The Wean in the Willows

  1. Meg C. DeBoe says:

    8-10 mothers on ONE lactation room?? That’s logistically unrealistic to say the least!

  2. My son is 19 months old and we are still working on weaning! It is hard, my son was NOT ready at 12 months. You’re doing what’s best for your baby. I’ve heard it before too, you’re still nursing?! Try not to let it bother you. Everyone says breast is best, no one tells you weaning is a bitch, haha I wrote a blog about it.

  3. I like venom and bile. Continue with your day.

    • larva225 says:

      I usually hate pointless bitching, unless there’s some gem within which could be interpreted as a useful suggestion. Hey. I guess there is here, too! Never mind! Glad you enjoyed!

  4. findingcoopersvoice says:

    You seriously rock! Pumping at work is a full time job. I did it for 1 year with each of my boys. I felt exiled half the time. Don’t get me wrong, I actually liked the quiet time to play on my phone or whatever. But, it does take up a lot of time. And I swear if I spent one more second in a closet I was going to scream. Also, weaning my second was WAY harder than with my first. My milk would not stop. I say it all the time in real life, nursing is SO emotional. There is a lot more that goes into it. You are a great mama!

    • larva225 says:

      Thanks, although I swear I’d give my left foot to have a closet to call my own at this point.
      With my first, the weaning was just very slow and natural. It seems more difficult this time. Regardless, I don’t want to push it.

      • findingcoopersvoice says:

        That’s how it was for me too with my first. It just felt right. This time (I’ve been done for a month or so) my body did not want to quit. It was brutal. I spent a lot of time with a heating pad on my boobs. It was time though so I pushed through. Good luck!

  5. boringyear says:

    Monkey is 2.5 and still nursing. Mostly to sleep, but also if he’s hurt himself or feeling unwell. And he is still not ready to wean. And I am not willing to force it. Nobody’s business but yours – you’re doing great Mumma!

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