Hypocritic Oath

In direct opposition to yesterday’s post, I just busted myself on a moment of sheer hypocrisy. Yes I have ranted, raved, and foamed about gender stereotypes. And what is the first thing I do on the first instance of getting out two sippy cups for my children? I picked blue for Felix and hot pink for Stella.
It’s not that we don’t have other colors, mind you. I simply realized it would be easier to keep track of which one if I used those traditional colors. In the heat of maternal battle, I don’t want to have to remember which gender-neutral color each child is drinking from. I don’t want to have to waste the time figuring out if Stella rubbed the purple sippy cup on her butt or the green one, or which one Felix tried to shove up his nose.
So shame on me. But I suppose there’s something to be said for picking your battles.


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4 Responses to Hypocritic Oath

  1. Hear, hear to your conclusion! In any ideal world, every battle could be had, but sometimes . . . a little time saved is more important than having each battle (when the end result/lessons learned will likely end up being taken away regardless). 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    I’m a first time visitor, and I’ve been reading a ton of your posts for the last 30 minutes. Lol. I’m hooked already. I love this post– being a mom of 2 girls, I completely understand what you’re saying. Sometimes it’s easier to pick your battles…if you tried to “fix” everything all day everyday, you would have absolutely no time for yourself. I’ve noticed myself mostly picking pink for my girls and being surprised when they choose blue, green, etc. — “boy” colors. I think part of it is because most people associate pink with girls (gender stereotyping) and also because pink is MY favorite color. Sometimes I need to let my little girls be their OWN person, and I’m learning to step back and let them make their own decisions — even if it’s something as simple as a sippy cup color. 😉

    xo, Sarah

    • larva225 says:

      Hi Sarah! Thanks for checking in.
      I posted about a year ago about a time when I relented and got my daughter one of those gag-me-with-a-spoon Barbie mermaid dolls. I had railed against all things Barbie for eons. But the expression on her face when she opened that box….
      Kids will make fools and hypocrites of us all the time!!

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