Everybody Dirts

Sometimes I’m amazed at the volume and variety of filth and unpleasant matter in my life.  For instance, now both of my children adore garlic bagel chips.  I don’t get it.  You can smell them from space and no vampire within a 50 mile radius is going to come near you if you eat one.  As a matter of fact, they are called “Stinky Chips” at my house. First thing Saturday morning, Stella asked for them. I love the smell of stinky chips in the morning.  It completely overwhelms the smell of other things like coffee.  And now Felix is in on it.  My sweet little dude reeks.

My car has also attained a new level of filth and nastiness after last week.  At Stella’s most awesome school, kids are asked to leave rain boots (along with extra clothing), as whenever the weather permits, kids are allowed/encouraged to go out and play in the rain and splash in the mud.  Timing hasn’t been on our side (fall/winter months), so Stella hasn’t been able to really get in there and experience this until last Thursday.  It had rained buckets yet again, and this time it was in the mid-70’s.

When I showed up to get my daughter, she was soaking wet.  That’s fine.  No problemo.  What is a problemo is that she had about 6 pounds of sand adhered to her wet self.  Other kids were enjoying the puddles and somehow managing to stay dry and somewhat clean from the waist up.  Not Stella.

I hate wet sand.  It’s kind of the worst.

I had to bribe her with treats to the car at which point I scavenged to find a spare blanket and cardigan of mine she could sit on.  My critical error was not getting her feet far away from the interior of the car before removing her boots.  This sandy-water solution poured out of her boots– probably close to a cup of liquid.  There was this awful sand slurry along with stale yogurt raisins and pulverized goldfish all over the floor boards.  A smiley fruit snack grinned goofily up at me from the carnage.

You can't see all the damn sand grains stuck to her in this picture....

You can’t see all the damn sand grains stuck to her in this picture….

But she's so blasted happy, who cares?

But she’s so blasted happy, who cares?

Why are children so blasted messy?


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2 Responses to Everybody Dirts

  1. Meg C. DeBoe says:

    It’s gotta be biological. Dirt adheres to them at the molecular level.

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