Don’t Spill the Beads

I recently made a mistake – a terrible terrible mistake.   I meant well. Truly I did.  But what is it they say about good intentions?

St. Patrick’s Day was coming, and like so many other towns, Baton Rouge likes to put on a parade.  My natural tendency is to stay away from such things. I hate crowds. Being that close to that many people – most of them intoxicated – just gives me the heebie-jeebies.  But now I’m a parent. And parades are truly for kids.  Up until recently, we have avoided such things due to Stella’s behavior.  When she gets overwhelmed it gets ugly.  And she’s got the patience of a North Korean dictator.  But we’ve made so much progress lately we’re starting to venture out and try things like this. So the plan was to load up our brand-new Radio Flyer wagon and drag the kids to the parade.

Again, given some of Stella’s difficulties, I felt the need to try to prepare her as much as I can. So Thursday night after dinner, I pulled up YouTube on my iPhone.  I actually found several clips of Baton Rouge St. Patrick’s Day parades. She and I watched one together. I showed her the people throwing pretty necklaces at the parade goers, the floats, the candy, the dancing.  She was absolutely entranced by the idea. As a matter fact, she was ready to go to the parade. Now!

At that moment, we lost all concept of the days of the week.  It didn’t matter that it was Thursday night and the parade doesn’t roll until 10 o’clock Saturday morning.   We had to hurry. We were going to miss the parade. We weren’t going to Chuck E. Cheese (don’t me what the mouse had to do with it), we were going to the parade.  She ranted and raved for about an hour and a half, me listening to every bit of it over the baby monitor.  She woke Friday morning still raving.

Ultimately, we made it to the parade.  I think she would agree it was worth the wait.  She loved it, and man, did she rack up some swag!  All the  ladies on the floats loved her; she even got a Hello Kitty doll (of course).   The wagon ended up being more of a conveyance for her loot than it did for kids.  Felix?  Could’ve probably sat this one out.

Poor Will.  With every passing moment, Stella gained about 2 pounds in bead weight.

Poor Will. With every passing moment, Stella gained about 2 pounds in bead weight.

Little dude just wasn't amused for the most part.

Little dude just wasn’t amused for the most part.

Aaaaaaand out.

Aaaaaaand out.

Good times.

Happy St. Pat’s, everyone.

We'll call this her leprechaun pose

We’ll call this her leprechaun pose


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5 Responses to Don’t Spill the Beads

  1. Amber Perea says:

    Sometimes it’s just downright creepy how similar our lives are. Jp was going to the new children’s museum with is aunt and favorite cousin (whom, he will follow anywhere which is why I figured he’d be okay) and we prepped him for a week with YouTube videos. That is literally what we do every time we take him somewhere new. And he rants until he goes, too. 😉

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