Unidentified Floating Object

(Disclaimer:  This has nothing to do with missing planes, boats, or other maritime disasters)

On the heels of the Apukealypse, Will caught a cold.  Bad timing, certainly.  In his quest to soothe himself, he rummaged through the pantry and found some chicken noodle soup. Only it wasn’t the regular chicken noodle soup.  It was one of the cans he had bought for the kids:  Campbell’s Disney Princess Chicken and Pasta variety.

I caught a glimpse of his bowl after he nuked it.  It was a modern-day multi-sensory Rorschach test, complete with obscure blob shapes open for interpretation while you taste the salty brine of condensed soup and smell that Campbell’s chickeny-chicken smell.  While I certainly applaud Campbell’s ambition in updating a classic (I simply cannot use the phrase ” making soup sexier” in this case), this may be pushing the limits of what is possible in a canned semolina-based product.

Will thought he was all parental badass by identifying what he claims were tiaras/crowns, Ariel, a glass slipper, and a palace.  To me, they looked like the Transformers logo, a venus flytrap with tumors, a corncob pipe, and a gas station.  I guess I’m not as in touch with my princess side as he is.


What. The. Hell.

What. The. Hell.

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