Crack the Knife

“Oh the shark has, pretty teeth dear…”  Oops.  Sorry. Although with as catchy as that song is, you would think Disney had written it.  It would have been brilliant in Finding Nemo.

No, I’m writing because my household is having its first major Disney experience.  With the whole world – including most if not all of Stella’s classmates – singing “Let It Go” and talking about Frozen, I figured it was time we got with the program.  We haven’t had the opportunity (or balls) to take Stella to a movie in the theater yet.  I just don’t think she’s ready for that.  Her attention span just ebbs and flows with lots of flowing.  But a DVD in the privacy of our own home is just our speed.

So, while at Oui Oui’s house for Easter, one of her young cousins was kind enough to let us borrow their much beloved DVD (with my promise that we would only keep it a few days) so we could join the rest of the masses hooked on Frozen.

We finally got to watch it Tuesday after school.  This was the result.

Frozen by Frozen

Frozen by Frozen

To be fair, she eventually wandered off about halfway through.  But for her, that’s an eternity of sitting still, mouth ajar.

Wednesday morning, she demanded we watch Frozen.  Wednesday after school, she demanded Frozen.  At this point, she ran and got her Cinderella doll who watched it with her.  Cinderella has a blue sparkly dress, too, and gloves.  Just like Elsa.  After about 3 minutes of that, Stella looks at me and says “I only have a Cinderella doll.  I need 3 dolls.  Cinderella, Ana, and Elsa.”

Well played, Disney you bastard.

Well played, Disney you bastard.

Damn.  Disney, you’re good.  The assimilation is complete.  Even Felix is hypnotized by your flickering light.

How I left my children this morning.  A recent text from Will indicates Frozen is on its second showing of the morning.

How I left my children this morning. A recent text from Will indicates Frozen is on its second showing of the morning.

On a whim, I searched Amazon for those dolls. Have y’all seen how much those things are?!  Or is this one of those things where Frozen was “in” before Xmas, and Disney in their bastardom stopped production for a while, rendering the last of the line “collectible” and costing enough  money to buy a family of 4 groceries for 2 weeks?!

I don’t know how this ends.  There will certainly be a riot when Stella realizes tonight that she can’t watch her movie.  Hopefully she’ll forget about Elsa and Ana dolls.  Her birthday is a loooooooong way away.



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4 Responses to Crack the Knife

  1. Amber Perea says:

    I offered, but you’re more than welcome to have our digital download for some quiet wine time. 😉

  2. Meg C. DeBoe says:

    My children can quote that movie. My sister-in-law in her infinite wisdom bought the dolls for my daughter before the movie was even out and they were still the price of…you know, children’s toys and not model homes. I owe her big.

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