Sweat Shop, Boys

Parents often joke that they can’t wait for their kids to hurry and grow up so that they can be put to work around the house.  I’m kind of skeptical.  Stella loves to try to help sometimes, but her efforts are usually unappreciated.  Diaper wipes are not Windex, but that seems to escape her.  The miniature broom I bought her so that she could leave me/mine alone when I’m trying to sweep the kitchen becomes more of a dirt rocket, serving only to spread the dirt and debris even further when it isn’t poking her brother in the face.

I guess we'd all rather be outside playing than inside cleaning.

I guess we’d all rather be outside playing than inside cleaning.

Working on his grass stains

Working on his grass stains


I see you

I see you

But while Stella is not a domestic maven, I’ve decided she DOES have some skills I can try to harness (and Felix too, of course).

Grandparents love them some grandkid-generated…..whatever.  Stella’s school was right on the money when they included the students’ “art” in a gallery-hop-type event last fall, with the proceeds of all sales going to fund more art supplies.  Yes, I bought some.  So did our parents.  We all paid quite a lot for pictures of….unidentified objects loaded with glitter and some feathers stuck on.

Both kids love painting.  Finger paints, especially.  Van Gogh himself would be delighted by the amount of paint they try to pile on a piece of 8.5 X 11” sheet of paper.  It practically tears when you pick it up with the weight of the paint.  But you know what?  If you let that dry, it’s awesome wrapping paper for small gifts.  I’m even thinking of buying a roll of butcher’s paper and letting them go to town on the driveway outside.  I did that once but didn’t save their efforts.  I’m a bad mother.  (You know you do it, too.  We have to throw some “art” away or get buried.  It’s the same reason that crappy toys – like Happy Meal whatsits – disappear mysteriously when they’re asleep and balloons vanish into thin air {quietly popped} when they leave the room.)

The artist at work

The artist at work

Art is a dirty job, but someone must do it.

Art is a dirty job, but someone must do it.

So yeah. It’s never too early to start thinking about the holidays.  My little elves better get busy.42


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