Planes, Drains, and Automobiles

I haven’t been blogging nearly as regularly as I usually do. I’m not really sure what the reason is. I do know that time seems harder to come by than usual lately, and it seems as if life has enjoyed lobbing irritating little obstacles at us.   Nothing serious – car troubles, Will working on some projects, sick kids – all of it just seems to make finding time for anything but the bare minimum a little more challenging.

I’m out of balance.  That’s it.  By the time everything that has to be done is done, there’s nothing left in the tank.  That’s frustrating, as up until about 2 weeks ago I was finally starting to feel more balanced than I had in at least a year.  I seemed to have things to talk about other than little people.  I was getting caught up at work.  I was finding time for little extras around the house like purging, cleaning, organizing.  I had dropped a few pounds and had good healthy food planned and prepped.  Then it all just came to a grinding halt.

So what’s been happening…

  • Stella has developed an inexplicable terror of the drain in the bathtub. This also extends to the sink.  We had about a four-day episode of this about a year ago which went away as quickly as it arrived. This one is sticking around. Thank goodness it’s summer, as at least I can bathe her out the backyard in the wading pool.  But with work, therapy, and this little complication companion named Felix, that’s difficult to do every single day. Some days we just skip a bath and she stinks.  I don’t know what to do about this one.  It’s been 2 weeks and it’s not getting better.  She gets hysterical if you even suggest an indoor bath.  I blame Finding Nemo.  I think she believes she’ll get sucked down the drain and end up with the crabs in Sydney Harbor. (I’ll take suggestions here, folks, if you, too have experienced Drain Doom.)

    About to get a scrubbing in the back yard

    About to get a scrubbing in the back yard

  • Oh yeah and weaning? It’s not happening. On one hand I’m okay with it. On the other hand, not so much.  It’s not even the nighttime thing, which at this point I really am used to it. It’s the fact that he’s getting older and busier. He comes up to me now sometimes and motorboats me. That’s obnoxious. It’s like having this wee little frat boy living with you. And then when he’s trying not to fall asleep, he does this death roll thing with my nipple in his mouth.  That’s when he’s not slapping me in the chest, poking me in the face, showing me my nose, or picking at every mole, pimple, freckle, or scab that he can find.  And there is the occasional bite. I think he thinks he makes up for that by smiling at me when he does it.

    Cute little dude.  But those teeth....

    Cute little dude. But those teeth….

  • And finally, it’s our turn to be sick.  2 weeks ago, Stella began complaining of bo-bos way back in her mouth.  Turns out her throat hurt.  The next morning (Friday, of course) she started running hot.  Fearing something like a weekend with strep, I took her to the pediatrician.  Understand, this was probably her 3rd visit for something other than scheduled maintenance.  My kids are usually the healthiest in the state of Louisiana.  It wasn’t strep – just some random virus.  We were good to go.  The next Monday, I picked her up for speech and she had somehow caught a gnarly cold.  By Friday we were back at the pediatrician for a double ear infection – the second in her life.  Still not bad.  Now Felix is running hot with liquid pouring from his nose and eyes.  I feel awful for the little dude, but A) Oui Oui et al will be in Honduras all next week, meaning I’m about to have to miss a whole lot of work, and B) I’ve had NO BREAK from people – especially little people – in weeks. If I didn’t get up and out of the house today, something awful was going to happen.



That’s all, folks.  A boring blog.  I  have nothing left for more today.  I know all of this is just a series of irritating set-backs.  What I wouldn’t give for a piece of chocolate cake and about a 2 hour nap alone in a quiet dark place right now….

Dress like Daddy day at school....

Dress like Daddy day at school….

Facial hair?

Facial hair?




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