HI-way To Hell

After so long struggling with communication, I’m happy to report that Stella has definitely become more conversational.  We still have some ground to cover, but I refer to the following examples as evidence of improvement:

A) She now aggressively greets people.  I mean “HI!  HI!  HI!” over and over again until she’s acknowledged.  Most people find it cute and say hi back, quickly ending the “conversation.”  Others aren’t so lucky, being on their phone, attempting to eat, trying to shop, or driving their car.  They get “HI’d” to death.

B) She now rats me out, damn it.  We went out for lunch to a local Greek place we like.  I got iced tea to drink.  When the server put it down, Stella caressed my glass and said “Oooo!  It’s Mommy’s wine!”  Everyone in our section of the dining room heard it and laughed.  So yeah.  I guess now I’m the Lush Mom of the Greek dining community.  What’s that shit about kids saying the darnedest things?

C) We’ve been chatting a lot about her being a big girl and helping around the house.  She’s been playing quite a few games which feature cooking, so is asking questions and wanting to get involved with the kitchen.  That’s great and all, but I’m not sure I’ll be requesting her help with meal planning.  When I mentioned to her that I’d be finding some fun jobs she could help  me with, she promptly demanded to help me “COOK DESSERT.”  Yeah.  Dessert.  That’s just what my big butt needs.

Riding "Sven" at the mall carousel.  Don't ask me why our mall has a carousel.  I'm just grateful they do, as it's air-conditioned.

Riding “Sven” at the mall carousel. Don’t ask me why our mall has a carousel. I’m just grateful they do, as it’s air-conditioned.

I think Felix liked it better than Stella.

I think Felix liked it better than Stella.

Finally, it seems that the only way to make her be quiet for any length of time during daylight hours is to put her on FaceTime or during any sort of filming.  During video chats, she clams up and goes almost totally mute.   It’s just not fair.  My far-flung family needs to experience what Stella is truly about.  They think I’m making stuff up.


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