Week in the Knees

So it’s been a week.  It started Monday (duh) with that lovely little prickly sensation in my bladder – the portent of a UTI.  I foolishly thought by drinking a whole lot of water and avoiding any other beverage I could try to get ahead of it.  That was fail #1.  By nightfall, I felt pretty awful and my temp started ratcheting up.  Will was at work, of course, so I couldn’t go to the doc in the box.  Even though the kids were asleep, CPS tends to frown upon leaving such young children unattended.

My temp reached 101 by about 8:30.  I decided to call Will to see if he could actually leave on time so maybe I could go to urgent care that night.  The house felt really hot.  Then again, I wasn’t the best judge.  I happened to glance at the thermostat and holy moly it was 79.  The AC was blowing ok.  It was just blowing hot air.  That was fail #2.

To make a long and boring story shorter, Will finally came home, fiddled with it, and determined that given the lack of time to research and tinker, we’d better get a pro to come look at it. I’m panicking.  How are we going to afford this?  I’m already having cold sweats about Felix going to school next month and absorbing the extra costs for that.  But now an AC?  And when the hell am I going to be able to go to the doctor?  Will had stuff to do for work all the next day, and now I was going to be in charge of babysitting a repairman who was going to no doubt fleece us and I would be too sick and stupid to know better.

Oui Oui saved the day, helping to pay for repairs (capacitor, it turns out) and bringing me antibiotics.  I may start calling her Saint Oui Oui.

By yesterday, I was feeling a bit better.  Still a bit off, but the antibiotics were doing their thing.  Stella wasn’t herself in the morning.  Lots of arguing and yelling.  “I will NOT wear that dress.”  “Give me back that dress it’s MINE!” And we’re talking about the same dress.  Sure enough, she went to school and showed a whole lotta butt.  She basically acted like a soccer hooligan: hitting kids with blocks, throwing books, yelling, kicking, knocking over a garbage can, spitting.

Maybe I should've suspected it would be a bad day when she started screaming Rock the Casbah at me.  And yes, that's THE dress.

Maybe I should’ve suspected it would be a bad day when she started screaming Rock the Casbah at me. And yes, that’s THE dress.

Just when you think things are “normal,” you know?  We haven’t had a behavior report in eons.  Sigh.

Today has been ok.  Work has been stupid.  As I’ve said before, there are definitely days when I’m reminded that I do, in fact, work for a government agency.  It’s like a bad episode of MASH, minus Hawkeye Pierce.  One funny thing happened this morning, however, that made me feel strangely good: Stella tattled on Felix for the first time ever.  I know I shouldn’t feel happy about that, but given our difficulties and yesterday’s outbursts, I was delighted to get such a typical example of kid-ness.  I’m sure before long I’ll be sick to death of getting inside information on my son, but this morning it made me smile.


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  1. Glad to hear that you were able to get some help.

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