Cave New World

Once upon a time, Will used to be somewhat hurt and jealous when Stella seemed to prefer me to him.  It was that typical “the baby wants its mommy” thing that they pretty much all do.  Everyone – and I mean everyone- told him to wait.  Just wait.  Before he knew it, she would become a daddy’s girl.

We’ve reached that point.  Don’t get me wrong:  I don’t get snubbed or anything, or at least not much, but daddy has become the “fun one” while I do stuff like clean, cook, and take care of Felix.  With this new powerful magnetism that Will has over his daughter is a renewed interest in Will’s “man cave.”

(Yes, he still has one for now, although its days are dwindling.  We are going to have to separate the kids one of these years, and I can’t see us getting the storage room made livable soon enough.)

I don’t know why it’s so desirable. I have no urge to hang out in there.  He has this creepy mask collection and the furnishings aren’t exactly luxe.  But to Stella, Will’s room is about on par with Six Flags.  She loves it.  The rule is, however, that as with vampires, she must be invited in and a grown-up (i.e. daddy) must be present.

She comes by her passion for masks honestly

She comes by her passion for masks honestly

She’s also resorted to rather ingenious ways of infiltrating.  Her latest is pretending to be me, since I obviously have carte blanche to be anywhere in the house I wish to be.

The other day, Will caught her sitting in his desk chair in front of the computer.  He fussed at her for being in there without a grown up when Stella basically told him to shove it:  She wasn’t Stella.  She was Mommy.  She had attired herself in my pajamas for the occasion.

Stella and my pjs, preparing for insertion behind enemy lines

Stella and my pjs, preparing for insertion behind enemy lines

She then demanded her coffee.

I shit you not.

I guess it’s better than wine.

Isn’t it too early for this kind of thing?



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