Kings and McQueens

Stella has finally gotten to the age where there are 3 truly great and amazing days around which the entire kid year revolves:  Halloween, Xmas, and her birthday.  With her 4th birthday rapidly approaching, it has been the subject of much discussion around our house.

We’ve been very lucky in that Stella’s last 2 parties have been hosted by Oui Oui.  But this year things are a bit different.  Even “easy” stuff like scheduling has been a nightmare.  For starters, Oui Oui has important business out of town and won’t be around the weekend before Stella’s birthday.  We will be joining Crispi at the beach the following 2 weekends after the actual date.  Lastly, my dad and stepmother are coming down to see the kids for the first time in ages in the middle of the month, so we wanted to schedule the party while they were here.  They live so far and we see them so seldom that it’s rather serendipitous.

Next was the issue of where to have it.  Parties are expensive!!  After tons of worrying, we finally found a great and affordable venue, thanks in large part to Will’s new employer.  As an employee of our city’s park service, he gets crazy deals on memberships and rentals.  We will have a nice indoor space – huge – with several inflatables, tables, ping pong, a playground, etc.  And it being indoors means air conditioning – not to be discounted in Louisiana in September.

With the nuts and bolts ironed out, we could turn our attention to themes.  For a couple of weeks, whenever you’d ask Stella what kind of party she wanted she would usually respond with “mermaid party!”  I said that was fine, but that many boys would be coming and they might not like mermaids so much.  How about mermaids and pirates?  That question was either met with silence or a big fat “no.”

Well, about 2 weeks ago, Stella abandoned the mermaid idea.  Now she wants a “Lightning McQueen” party.  We’ve totally jumped ship from sweet girly Ariel to freaking NASCAR.  WTF?

Girly girl one minute....

Girly girl one minute….

So now we’ve been looking at Lightning McQueen (and Mater, of course) party supplies – balloons, cake, candles, plates, piñatas, little whistles.  We must have little Lightning McQueen whistles for some reason.  She’s pretty insistent on that.

Bruiser the next....

Bruiser the next….

She still says she wants to be a mermaid for Halloween but at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if she changes her mind to Bob the Builder or the Incredible Hulk.


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2 Responses to Kings and McQueens

  1. Meg C. DeBoe says:

    We’ve had a similar experience over here with Kitten. She went from Disney Princesses to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles overnight. Wha-??

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