Truck You

In typical “boy” fashion, Felix loves anything with wheels.  It’s pretty amazing, actually, just how innate this seems to be.  The dude spends ages rolling cars, trucks, and trains around, making semi-appropriate sounds.  Remember that moaning/growling thing I mentioned a while back?  He’s converted that to a “car” sound.  This means he does it even more now.  It’s swell.  (Mommy needs a drink and some earplugs)

Lately he’s been playing with this awful monster truck a lot.  We’re not exactly a monster truck family, but one day when the dude and I were out shopping, I rolled him by the toy aisle at Target and let him pick whatever wheeled conveyance struck his fancy.  He picked the Tasmanian Devil monster truck.  It’s one of his favorites, along with his wooden bulldozer.

Here tiny Elsa is about to taste the rubber

Here tiny Elsa is about to taste the rubber

Tas has been running over all manner of things recently.  Princesses.  Human legs and feet.  Snacks.

Tas vs. CheezIts.  They never stood a chance.

Tas vs. CheezIts. They never stood a chance.

Where do they learn this stuff?!  I do solemnly swear that this boy has never seen a truck pull or other such activity involving the violent compaction and/or destruction of various other objects by the pressure of ginormous tires.  What’s next?  Spitting?  Grabbing his crotch? (Wait.  He does that sometimes.)  Whistling at women?  Demanding a sandwich and beer?


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4 Responses to Truck You

  1. boringyear says:

    My boy likes to punch, bash and headbutt, in mostly pretend fashion. Which he sure as anything didn’t learn from us!! Where DOES this stuff come from?

  2. Meg C. DeBoe says:

    Cooper is in to firetrucks…which make an awesome noise, right? Ya…after 10 minutes, it’s much less awesome.

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