All the Right Stuff(ed)

Stella now has quite the entourage.  For a child that never had a “lovey,” she’s making up for lost time.  We’re fortunate in that there still is not one (or two) furry friends that she must have anywhere she goes, but there are certainly some favorites from the crowd of fuzzy faces.  Two of the originals are Sweet Kitty and Flat Kitty.  Sweet Kitty is this small white tiger we got at the aquarium in Houston almost 2 years ago.  Flat Kitty is this random pillow pet mini she got for Xmas one year.  I don’t know what makes Sweet Kitty sweet.  Flat Kitty looks like roadkill.  Ergo, Flat Kitty is quite an appropriate moniker.

A while back, we started a behavior chart.  Good days = stickers.  Enough stickers = a treat.  The treat box contains all sorts of different things she can choose from:  books, small stuffed toys, and even some snap-pops at some point.   Two of her entourage – small stuffed kitties with giant eyes – came from this box:  Noodles and Macaroni.

Yes, she named them herself.  Noodles and Macaroni, along with Sweet Kitty and Flat Kitty are all girls.

2 nights ago, she earned the rights to choose another prize.  She chose a pink spotted octopus toy with giant eyes.  I asked first if it was going to be a girl octopus or a boy octopus, feeling quite certain of the answer.  The damned thing is pink.  I stand corrected.  It’s a boy.  Then she named it.  Mushroom.  Mushroom the male pink spotted octopus with enormous eyes.

I’m pretty curious what’s next.  Marzipan the sea otter?  Queso the frog?  Pizza the giraffe?  Only time will tell.

Anyway, bedtime is interesting trying to juggle so many friends.  Right now, she has to have Mushroom.  Sweet Kitty and Flat Kitty are a must.  Pete the Cat is currently trending in a huge way.  Pete has gone to school already a couple of times.  Pete has to be buckled into the car seat with her.  Pete has to have his own stool at dinner.  Pete went on our Sunday picnic, riding in the wagon.  Pete is the shit.  For one night only, I was able to sit Noodles and Macaroni in the Gallery, the place where the lesser friends live.  Last night we had to have them all.  At 7:00 PM, I tucked Stella, Flat Kitty, Sweet Kitty, Noodles, Macaroni, Pete the Cat, and Mushroom into her twin bed.  That’s a lotta fluff and cuteness for a single bed.  And there must be a roll call before the tucking in process in complete.

Stella's new BFF.  Will's new Significant Other.  The Other Feline?

Stella’s new BFF. Will’s new Significant Other. The Other Feline? (Image borrowed from Google)

That’s probably why- in part – last night was terrible.  Felix showed his butt.  I think it’s because he only ate peaches last night for dinner.  He started waking up at 7:00, maybe disturbed by the shifting of mass in the room caused by Stella and her entourage or the whispered roll call.  He woke up twice more before 9:00 when I finally said F it and took him back to bed with me.  At 10:45 Felix woke up again and decided that the big bed was a jungle gym.  I tried to settle him back down to no avail.  Finally, I went out and told Will (just coming home from the bookstore) I had to have the couch.  For some reason, when Felix gets that way, I’m able to settle him easier on the couch.  No biggie.  Will could use the big bed. We all just needed to sleep.  Who cared where?

At 1:15, Stella came bolting out of her room with Pete the Cat and Mushroom, joining me and Felix on the couch.  This is a regular couch, not some ginormous sectional.  After being kicked and shushing her for about 30 minutes, I finally led her back to the big bed to sleep with her daddy.  Felix and I slumbered on the couch until 5:00, only once awakened by the barfing of a cat.

Will doesn’t remember his daughter’s less-than-subtle entrance into the bed.  He was so tired, he didn’t even realize she had been in there.  The only clue he had was awakening next to an unfamiliar body: Pete the Cat.  Will said he felt violated.  Pete didn’t even buy him dinner first.

Here’s to sleep tonight.  I may drug every single one of us.


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